NFL Week 6 Power Rankings

1. Los Angeles Rams (5-0) The Rams just continue to impress, and be the best team in the NFL. Last week they took on a divisional opponent in the Seattle Seahawks on the road. Jared Goff, the passing yards leader through 5 weeks, did not have his best game. He threw for 321 yards, 1 TD … Continue reading NFL Week 6 Power Rankings


NFL Week 5 Power Rankings

1. Los Angeles Rams (4-0) The Rams once again find themselves at the top of the power rankings, and rightfully so. They are clearly the best team in football at the moment. They took on the Vikings Week 4 on Thursday and it was a hell of a game. I wrote an article on the … Continue reading NFL Week 5 Power Rankings

NFL Week 3 Power Rankings

Los Angeles Rams The Rams were #2 on my list last week and they gave me no reason to not put them here at #1 this week. They played the Cardinals so they didn't have a tough matchup Week 2, but they dominated and looked amazing on both sides of the ball. This week they … Continue reading NFL Week 3 Power Rankings