Patriots Win Super Bowl LIII

Last night we got a great game, if you love defense, punting and virtually no offense. The Patriots took down the Rams 13-3 and Bill Belichick reminded the world he is the GOAT by severely out-coaching Sean McVay. It was an extremely rough night for the Rams, especially QB Jared Goff. Goff was 19/38 for … Continue reading Patriots Win Super Bowl LIII

Patriots Win Snoozefest Super Bowl

Who else would have rather watched reruns of The Office on Comedy Central or the latest episode of America's Got Talent on NBC last night instead of the worst Super Bowl in the history of the NFL? I am sure the vast majority would agree with me saying that, and many people probably were doing … Continue reading Patriots Win Snoozefest Super Bowl

Super Bowl 53 Prediction

Another great weekend of playoff games is behind us. Conference championship weekend ended giving us 2 great games, but also a lot of controversy. One of the worst no calls in NFL history that would've all but secured a Saints win, questionable calls in the Chiefs vs Pats and everyone, including me, calling for the … Continue reading Super Bowl 53 Prediction

NFL 2018 Conference Championships Predictions

So, yeah the Divisional round did not exactly go the way I thought it would, but hey, it happens right? Now I'm here hoping to redeem myself and pick the winners of the conference championships. AFC Championship: Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriots @ Arrowhead StadiumMy biggest mistake last weekend was doubting both of … Continue reading NFL 2018 Conference Championships Predictions

Eagles Lose to the Saints in Heart-Breaking Fashion, Ending Their Season

Oh man, this shit hurts to write. I have so many emotions flowing through my body, this doesn't feel real. The Eagles season is officially over after a 20-14 loss to the Saints. The Eagles started off the game incredibly hot, Cre'Von LeBlanc picked off Drew Brees on their first possession and the Eagles came … Continue reading Eagles Lose to the Saints in Heart-Breaking Fashion, Ending Their Season

NFL 2018 Divisional Round Predictions

After a very good wildcard weekend, we now look forward to the divisional round which has some promising games. Let's talk about who I think moves on the the conference championships. We'll start in the AFC: Chiefs (-5.5) vs Colts @ Arrowhead StadiumThis game is one of my most anticipated games of next week, I … Continue reading NFL 2018 Divisional Round Predictions

Eagles Beat the Bears in a Thriller

HOLY FUCKING SHIT. The game literally just wrapped up and I am legit shaking with excitement right now. The Eagles came into this game as underdogs, something they seem to like. Last week the Bears helped the Eagles get into the playoffs by beating the Vikings and now they would go head to head. The … Continue reading Eagles Beat the Bears in a Thriller

The Eagles Are Going to the Playoffs

Yesterday, something happened that just a few weeks ago I thought was not possible. After the Eagles second loss to the Dallas Cowboys, I thought our playoff hopes were dead for sure. Thank God I was proven wrong. First let's talk about the Eagles game. They took care of business in Washington, which I, and … Continue reading The Eagles Are Going to the Playoffs

Rams Beat Chiefs in Thriller on Monday Night Football / NFL Playoff Predictions

A bit of a late reaction, I know, but I still wanted to write this article. I tweeted this multiple times throughout the game but, WHAT A GAME. Coming into this game, everyone was predicting it to be the game of the year and possibly even a Super Bowl preview, and boy did it live … Continue reading Rams Beat Chiefs in Thriller on Monday Night Football / NFL Playoff Predictions