Sixers work-out former member Jodie Meeks

The Sixers can’t be a clear-cut caliber team due to it’s lack of depth within the bench. So the front office decided to work-out NBA veteran, Jodie Meeks, that could help suffice the team’s needs.

Jodie Meeks…Yes, Jodie Meeks. If you weren’t a Sixers fan before the 2017-18 season, he was a Sixer at one point in his nine year NBA career from 2009-2012 right before the whole “Trust The Process” mantra happened in 2013. Since the summer of 2012, Meeks have been moved around to play for teams such as Lakers, Pistons, Magic, and Wizards with not a lot of time to settle in a team’s system. His best season was back with the Lakers in 2013-14 where he averaged 33.2 MPG, 15.7 points, and 2.5 rebounds in 77 games. We haven’t seen much action from him recently since he was involved a trade with the Milwaukee Bucks in exchanged for a future second round pick. Unfortunately, he was waived on November 29th after violating the leagues anti-drug policy after being suspended 25 games.

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(Source: Sam Greenwood/ Getty Images)

Will the -possible- second stint of Meeks help the Sixers bench? Despite his history of being injured and his age, the Sixers wouldn’t think this would be a risk to take at this point to sign him. I mean we have two fairly new players -Fultz and Smith- that we’re still patient after Fultz suffered from a thoracic outlet syndrome last month and Smith with a peanut allergy before the season started. We also have to factor that Brand was still on the team during Meeks tenure in Philadelphia; so this will make it little bit easier to understand who should be given a contract; meaning that Brand already knows who Meeks is on and off the court.

Featured Imaged: John Raoux/AP

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