Eagles Lose to the Saints in Heart-Breaking Fashion, Ending Their Season

Oh man, this shit hurts to write. I have so many emotions flowing through my body, this doesn’t feel real. The Eagles season is officially over after a 20-14 loss to the Saints.

The Eagles started off the game incredibly hot, Cre’Von LeBlanc picked off Drew Brees on their first possession and the Eagles came out firing and scored on both of our first two possessions. 14 points in the 1st quarter for the Eagles, sadly that 14 points would be all we got for the entire game. The Saints came out stronger in the 2nd quarter. Nick Foles threw a pick which shifted momentum and than the Saints converted a fake punt, even further shifting momentum. Sadly for the birds the momentum never returned.

Nick Foles was not sharp at all, he was 18/31 for 201 yards, 2 total TDs and 2 INTs. After the first quarter was missing people all night. It’s a shame that what might be his final game as an Eagle had to be such a poor one. Doug’s playcalling was spotty throughout the night which certainly doesn’t help the offense get into a rhythm.

The run game was once again non-existent. Wendell Smallwood led the team in rush yards and carries with 33 yards on 10 carries. Josh Adams got 0 carries and Darren Sproles only got 3, what the hell were they doing? Zach Ertz had a quiet game with 5 catches for 50 yards, Jordan Matthews had 1 catch for 37 yards and a TD, Golden Tate had 2 catches for 18 yards and Nelson Agholor had 1 catch for 6 yards.

The Eagles defense couldn’t buy a stop basically the entire night, the Saints did what they wanted on offense. They dominated the time of possession because our offense was struggling which killed our defense. The Saints had an 11+ minute drive in the 3rd quarter. Jim Schwartz went back to playing his weird conservative sticks defense, once again letting up multiple 3rd and longs, it was extremely tough to watch. It most certainly did not help that we were getting bombarded with injuries all night; Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, Michael Bennet, Avonte Maddox and Rasul Douglas all came out of the game and missed some time hurt in this game. Injuries also popped up on offense, Brandon Brooks was hurt early and didn’t return and Jason Peters was in and out of the game.

Now, to that heart-breaking ending. The Eagles were given another gift from God in the form of a missed 52-yard FG by Will Lutz very late in the 4th quarter. The Eagles drove down the field, Foles was playing his best football of the game since the first quarter. They got to the Red-Zone and right before the 2 minute warning they were scrambling to run a play before the warning. They rushed to the line, hiked the ball and Foles threw a pass to Alshon Jeffrey, the pass went right through his hands into the hands of Marshon Lattimore, ending the game. Now first off, why the fuck did we rush to get a playoff before the warning?! Why didn’t we just let the clock run, get it together and try to score after? It snakes no sense. I feel horrible for Alshon, he should’ve made that catch but there’s so much blame to go around in this game that it’s impossible to put it all on him. Not to mention the dude has been amazing all year and he was huge for us last year while playing with a torn rotator cuff. He was our best receiver tonight going for 63 yards on 5 catches. The blame is not all on him.

The life was sucked out of my body when Lattimore picked that ball off, I’m sure the same can be said for the rest of the Eagles fans out there. It’s a shitty way to end the season. To look at the positives, we were 4-6 at one point, who would’ve thought we’d be in the playoffs let alone win one playoff game and give the #1 seed a run for their money on the road. We also once again overcame a lot of adversity with injuries this season. This season, even with this painful ending, was a good season. 5 playoff wins and a Super Bowl in the last calendar year for the Eagles, hard to be mad. They could’ve played better tonight for sure, but it is what it is.

If Nick Foles doesn’t return to the Eagles, he will forever be a legend here regardless of what he does. He brought this city our first Super Bowl and salvaged this season into a playoff appearance and win. We love you forever Big Dick Nick.

The Eagles will be back, this loss stings like a motherfucker but I know this team will be back. There’s a lot of things to happen this offseason, but I can’t wait to see this team take the field next season.

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