Eagles Beat the Bears in a Thriller

HOLY FUCKING SHIT. The game literally just wrapped up and I am legit shaking with excitement right now.

The Eagles came into this game as underdogs, something they seem to like. Last week the Bears helped the Eagles get into the playoffs by beating the Vikings and now they would go head to head.

The game was pretty much a defensive battle. Nick Foles was 25/40 with 266 yards 2 TD’s and 2 INT’s. Mitch Tribusky was 26/43 with 303 yards and 1 TD. Neither team really established a run game, Eagles leading rusher was Darren Sproles with 21 yards and the Bears leading rusher was Jordan Howard with 35 yards. Allen Robinson had a hell of a game with 143 yards and a huge TD late in the game for the Bears. Alshon Jeffrey had a good game against his former team with 82 yards, Zach Ertz was good with 52 yards. The 2 Eagles TD’s were picked up by Dallas Goedert and Golden Tate, which gave the Eagles the lead with just over a minute left.

Like I said, this game was a defensive game. However, Khalil Mack was quiet tonight. He had 0 sacks and was kept off Foles a majority of the night. The Eagles defensive backs, specifically LeBlanc and Maddox played very well in the first half but struggled in the second half. The Eagles front 7, specifically Bradham, Cox and Bennet put constant pressure on Tribusky all night.

It all came down to a 43-yard FG attempt by Cody Parkey with under 10 seconds left. The Eagles iced him and he made the first attempt, which of course did not count. He came back out to kick the second one, AND THE FUCKER MISSED IT. Every Eagles fan reading this can relate to the explosion of happiness that shot through my body as I saw that ball hit the upright. I still can’t believe what I just saw.

A big story from the game is that Nick Foles didn’t have a great first half, throwing 2 picks, or even have a really great game, but he did not give up and kept grinding and ended up getting the W. Another huge moment, obviously, was when Foles hit Golden Tate on 4th and goal with just over a minute left to take the lead 16-15, they missed the 2-pt conversion (it was very close) but that play alone justified the Golden Tate trade. The Birds also had to overcome some shaky officiating in this game. The Bears had 0 penalties against them in the whole first half. Regardless the Birds got it done and live to fight another day. The Bears helped us get into the playoffs and I’m sure they regret that now.

The Eagles will take on the Saints in New Orleans next week looking to avenge our horrible loss earlier in the year. The underdogs continue to bark. GO BIRDS

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