Pacers Partner With Motorola on Multi-Year Deal

The Indiana Pacer and Motorola recently announced a multi-year partnership that will become the first jersey patch for the organization (29th in the NBA). The deal is worth up to $10 million dollars until 2020. With this transaction happening, the Oklahoma City Thunder are now the only team in the NBA that doesn’t have a jersey patch.

President and COO of Pacers Sports & Entertainment (PS&E), Rick Fuson, mentioned that the organization “wanted a partner that we knew would align well with our organization’s culture and values, and Motorola is the perfect match as demonstrated by their leadership and exciting future in the mobile communications industry”. To put in perspective, Motorola is a Mid-west based company that helped solidify this deal. Also, Motorola will be included in-arena technology, social media, and fan engagement for the further future.

The patch itself will be presented in the team’s colors whereas teams just stitch the actual colors of the sponsor’s logo. It was first showcased in yesterday’s matchup against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the team loss.


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