Sixers en-route Cavaliers 128-105

As Jimmy Butler returned today after taking two games off from suffering a groin injury in Monday’s game. Butler put in good minutes to contribute 19 points in his 25 minutes of play.

Ben Simmons had a fantastic game – 22/14/11- by dropping his 15th career triple-double; which is the 2nd most in franchise history (Chamberlain is 1st with 62 triple doubles).

Embiid had a great game as he casually scores 24 points and 9 rebounds while shooting 63% on the floor. Another key player in this ball game was the rookie guard, Landry Shamat. Shamat added value on the time he was on the court contributing 16 points in 15 minutes of play on 80% 3-pt shooting.

Now with the Sixers have a challenging stretch heading their way as the Sixers face top-tier teams such as Toronto Raptors, Boston Celtics, Portland Trailblazers, and Los Angeles Clippers.

We will find out who they really are as a team in this stretch since we are most likely going to see these teams eventually in the NBA playoffs. Also, it’ll be great to see them play teams that aren’t named Magic, Pistons, or Hornets.

Our record vs. upcoming opponents

vs. San Antonio Spurs (0-0)

vs. New York Knicks (1-0)

Note: Second of the four-game series against the Knicks. Beat the Knicks by 26 on November 28. 

vs. Toronto Raptors (0-2)

Note: Most wins in the NBA and both losses were in Toronto

vs. Boston Celtics (0-1)

Note: This loss was on opening night and 5th in the league right behind us.

vs. Utah Jazz (0-0)

Note: First and last game against the Jazz.

vs. Portland Trailblazers (0-0)

Note: Playoff-caliber team that are in conversation with Sacramento Kings and Memphis Grizzlies 

Vs. Los Angeles Clippers (0-0)

Note: 5th in the Western Conference and looking to be a low seed in the playoffs come to Springtime. 

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