Eagles Fall to Cowboys 29-23

Well, this sucks. So as we all know the Eagles lost an overtime heartbreaker to the Cowboys last night, basically ending our hopes of making the playoffs. It really sucks that it ended the way it did, especially since it was the freaking Cowboys who laid our hopes to rest, I could throw up just thinking about it.

The game started in controversy right away when the Cowboys clearly fumbled the opening kickoff and it looked like the Eagles came up with it as Kamu Grrugier-Hill came up with the ball. The play was ruled as not a fumble, but Doug Pederson threw the challenge flag. After a couple of minutes the refs decided it was a fumble, but there was no clear recovery. All I have to say to that is: FUCKING BULLSHIT. DuAaa2QVsAEkVcy.jpg

Right above this sentence is a picture from the review the refs were looking at. The only thing not clear about that recovery is which one of the THREE Eagles players on top of the ball recovered it. This set the tone for the officiating of the game as it seemed the refs were on Jerry Jones’ payroll the entire night. Missing multiple blatant holds and another one of the worst calls I have ever seen in an offensive pass interference on Dallas Goedert late in the game.

That game included some of the worst officiating I have ever seen, I literally felt like the game was fixed and I may say refs are bad, but I have never felt like a game was actually fixed.

However, I can’t put the whole game on the refs, we didn’t help ourselves. The Eagles in the first half were scoreless and going three and out on pretty much every drive. Carson Wentz was extremely underwhelming in the first half, as was the whole offense. The defense wasn’t too bad, only allowing 6 points. Throughout the entire game Zeke was just running wild on us, he finished the game with 113 rushing yards and 79 receiving yards. Our run game was, well, not as successful. Our lead back, Josh Adams, lead the team in rushes with only 7, and picked up 36 yards. The coaching staff once again abandoned the run game for who knows what reason.

In the second half the game became more interesting as Carson Wentz came alive, especially in the 4th, he finished with 228 yards, 3 TDs and a 120 rating. Some of the blame has to go to Carson though. Our fan base seems to be hesitant to put blame on him but, he holds the ball too long, he sometimes passes on clear rushing opportunities and he fumbles a lot (9 times this year). Some of these things are due to his injury last year but he could be better. Now I am not saying “put in Foles”or anything like that, Carson is still very good and gives us the best chance to win, but he does deserve some blame. My main blame for our offensive woes are the coaches, Pederson and Groh. Their play-calling makes no sense, no creativity, no deep shots and no run attack. The offense is relatively healthy and loaded with weapons, no reason why we shouldn’t be clicking. Alshon lead the Eagles receiving game with 50 yards and 1 TD,  Ertz had a bad game with 5 catches for 38 yards, and Golden Tate was once again basically not used, finishing with 1 catch on 3 targets for 7 yards.

For the Cowboys, Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper really balled out. They took advantage of the beat up Eagles secondary and destroyed us through the air. Dak finished with 455 yards, 3 TDs and 2 INTs and Cooper finished with 217 yards and 3 TDs, including the game-winner.

Sidney Jones looked like he was out there playing hurt because boy was he awful last night. Rasul Douglas however, stepped up big for the birds. He played great all night and picked up an INT, this is why it makes that last play so hard to swallow.

Douglas made the correct play and it ended up taking the most unlucky bounce I have ever seen.

As you can see by the video above, he was extremely upset about it. He played great all game and I think he should be starting at safety next year when our corner are healthy again. This loss is in no way his fault. Keep your head up Sul.

So after that heartbreaker, we look forward and the rest of the schedule isn’t so kind (besides the Redskins). We play the Rams in LA next week, followed by the Texans at home and we finish the season in Washington against the Redskins. I don’t like our odds against the Rams or Texans but we will beat the Skins. We needed to win last night to have a chance at the playoffs, Dallas faces the Colts, Bucs and Giants to end their season. They’re hot enough to win all 3 of those games and if they drop 1 it’ll be to the Colts, but no way they lose to the Bucs or Giants.

So now, we look forward to next season. Hopefully we have a good offseason, make some moves and have a good draft. Carson will get healthier and better heading into next year, and the whole team will be healthier, our secondary won’t be 4th stringers. Hopefully Mike Groh is gone and Doug gets back to 2017 Doug. Am I disappointed? Hell yes. The Super Bowl last year was the greatest moment of my life but it doesn’t excuse the way this year turned out. I really hope we (and think we will) return to form next year. Until then I hope to see this team give it their all in these final 3 games.

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