Markelle Fultz is a complete and utter bust… Stop Denying It.

As a Sixers fan, it pains me to say this but it must be said…. Markelle Fultz is a COMPLETE AND UTTER BUST. People need to stop denying it already. We’ve seen draft busts who struggle mightily to succeed in the NBA. We’ve seen draft busts that have trouble adapting to the speed/talent level of the NBA. But there has NEVER, EVER been a #1 OVERALL PICK COMPLETELY FORGETS HOW TO SHOOT A BASKETBALL TYPE BUST.

I mean, seriously think about it. This situation is absolutely absurd and there has never been anything quite like this in the history of sports. In his college career at Washington, Fultz was a monster. As a freshman, he averaged 23.2 PTS, 5.9 AST, and 5.7 REB. He was also extremely efficient with a FG% of 47.6% and a 3PT% of 41.3%. With stats like that, he was obviously a one-and-done in college. Many draft analysts touted Fultz as a generational type talent. So what the hell happened?


In his rookie year, Fultz played 14 games and averaged a WHOPPING 7.1 PTS, 3.4 AST, and 3.1 REB. He also missed five months of action with a shoulder injury that the Sixers didn’t even know how to explain. It was clear to see that Fultz did have some kind of injury because every time he shot the ball it was literally painful to watch.

(Prepare Yourself)

After the season, Fultz hired Drew Hanlen to be his shooting coach and they worked together all offseason. Hanlen says Fultz took over 150,000 shots in the summer.

So he was definitely going to bounce back in his second season right? NOPE. He still sucks.

He’s averaging 8.2PTS, 3.1AST, and 3.7REB. What an improvement!!!

Now in the latest development of the Fultz saga, HIS LAWYER IS BARRING HIM FROM PLAYING SO HE CAN SEE A SHOULDER SPECIALIST. This is literally like a comedy show. You can’t even make this stuff up.

I’m writing this to tell other Sixers fans that they’re not “fake fans” for giving up on Fultz. I’m so sick of getting attacked by other Sixers fans because I’m not a blind sheep and just continue to tell myself “he’ll figure it out. He’s gonna be a beast one day, watch!” Even they don’t believe that. It’s over. We just have to take our loss and carry on. It’s very frustrating to think of the fact that with the #3 pick we had in the 2017 draft, we could’ve drafted players like Jayson Tatum, De’Aaron Fox, Donovan Mitchell, Malik Monk.. *sigh* And not only did we pick the wrong guy, WE TRADED AN ENTIRE OTHER FIRST ROUND PICK TO MOVE UP TO GET HIM.

Call me a fake fan if you want, but Markelle Fultz sucks. There’s being a loyal fan, and then there’s using your head/eyes and realizing the obvious. The Sixers need to try and trade this guy while he as ANY value left.

By: Jesse Giuffrida

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