Rams Beat Chiefs in Thriller on Monday Night Football / NFL Playoff Predictions

A bit of a late reaction, I know, but I still wanted to write this article. I tweeted this multiple times throughout the game but, WHAT A GAME.

Coming into this game, everyone was predicting it to be the game of the year and possibly even a Super Bowl preview, and boy did it live up to the hype. The final score was Rams 54, Chiefs 51. Patrick Mahomes had a very good game despite some turnover issues. He had 478 yards, 6 TD’s and completed 72% of his passes. However, he had 5 turnovers. He was strip-sacked twice by Aaron Donald, one resulting in a TD and he was picked off three times. The first INT was a pick six and was on a failed screen attempt and was a poor throw, the second time he was hit as he threw and the third time was the end of the game when he had no choice but to bomb it deep. Jared Goff also had himself quite a night, 413 yards and 5 total TD’s. He also fumbled twice but was not picked off in the game. Both QBs put on a show like nothing we have ever seen. The over/under for this game was 63 or 64, I forget, but they ended up scoring 105 total points to make this the 3rd highest scoring game in NFL history.

Todd Gurley had a quiet game with only 94 total yards and no TD’s. Robert Woods had a very solid game with 72 yards and 1 TD. Tyreek Hill had an amazing night for the Chiefs with 215 yards and 2 TDs. With a score like 54-51 it’s easy for people to get mad about the lack of defense, but like I said earlier, the Rams got multiple key turnovers that ultimately won them the game.

Now, after the game people have went on to call it the best MNF game of all time and even as far as the best NFL game of all time. Do I agree? On most of those things yes.I think you can definitely call this the best MNF game ever, and if you’re just talking regular season you can for sure put this up there. I would say there have been better playoff games, but you can make the argument for best regular season game of all time.

Now for what I think on this being called the Super Bowl preview and break down my predictions of who will make and win the Super Bowl.

In the NFC I believe the Rams will lock up the #1 seed. I think their schedule is more favorable for the rest of the year and that leads me to believe they are more likely to get the home field advantage. I do believe the NFC Championship will be the Rams vs the Saints and the Saints will win in what I’m sure is a high scoring affair.

In the AFC I think the Chiefs will definitely get the #1 seed. I think the AFC Championship will be the Chiefs vs the Patriots. This is one I have gone back and forth on, but I think I’m going to give the edge to the Chiefs. The game will be at home for them and their offense will be too much for New England to handle the second time around.

So my Super Bowl matchup is the Saints vs the Chiefs. One thing I think we can all agree on is this would be VERY high scoring. I believe the Saints will win the Super Bowl. Mahomes has been great, but I think the experience of Brees will help the Saints pull off the win as the top 2 MVP candidates face off. If Drew Brees does end up hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season, is it time we crown him as the GOAT? I think so. We’ll just have to see if my predictions come true, but I am pretty confident in my picks.

(Picture via “The Independent”)

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