Another Chapter in Fultz’s Saga

As we all know, Markelle Fultz’s jump shot was an issue in the past. Now we have a new issue to hear about. Not only it’s his unorthodox free throw shooting and limited playing time, but the fact that he’s not allowed to participate in any team practices or games according to The Athletics David Aldridge. The reason he’s not allowed to participate in practices and games is because Fultz’s agent is making Markelle see a shoulder specialist in New York next week.

This impromptu evaluation gives Fultz a red-flag for GM Elton Brand and Coach Brett Brown since both of them weren’t aware of this situation until this morning. Brand replied back “There’s nothing we saw medically that didn’t allow him to play” since he literally played last night for seven minutes.

Also, Brand questions why it has to be next Monday and not this week; and Fultz answers back with “[i]t was the best day they could get an appointment.” Brand and the front office will find out more about this appointment.

The no.1 overall pick in 2017 NBA Draft spent most of his summer training with NBA trainer, Drew Hanlen. Unfortunately, Fultz and Hanlen are no longer in speaking terms with each other since last week according to league sources. A factor that could’ve impact the fallout was Hanlen’s deleted tweet that he had about Fultz still not being healthy.

So far, the sophomore NBA player is averaging 8.2 points, 3.1 assists and 3.7 rebounds in 22.5 minutes per game while  shooting 42 percent from field goal range.

Overall, some people are already jaded with Fultz’s dilemma’s due to the new 76er Jimmy Butler being the final piece that the Sixers need in order to make a deep run in the NBA Playoffs this season.

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