The State of the Eagles Address

Who saw this coming? Well if that is referring to that blowout loss we suffered at the hands of the Saints, everyone should have. What I meant was, who saw this season coming. We are now 4-6 and 3rd in the NFC East. If before the season someone would’ve told me the Eagles would be 4-6 and in 3rd in the NFC East 10 games into the year, I would’ve called them fucking crazy, yet here we are.

So as we all know, the Eagles got embarrassed on national TV yesterday. I personally saw this coming, but plenty of people had hope coming into this game, I’m gonna say prayers for those people because yesterday will be hard to overcome if you weren’t mentally prepared.Image-1

The Eagles looked horrible on both sides of the ball. On offense Wentz was getting hit and under pressure all night long. Our O-Line was already a little banged up, but to make it worse Jason Kelce left the game with an elbow injury. Carson also played his worst career game, 156 yards and 3 INT’s. Carson will bounce back, I’m not too worried about him. Josh Adams was the only positive on either side of the ball, he had 7 carries for 53 yards and the Eagles lone TD, averaging 7.6 yards per carry. He should continue to get the majority of the carries this year, and he should be getting 10+ a game. The offense was a disappointment because everyone knew our banged up defense would not stop the Saints explosive offense, however our offense was expected to put some points up on the Saints ‘decent’ defense. As you can see by the 7, we didn’t do that. Golden Tate led the team in receiving yards with 48 on 5 catches and Zach Ertz had his worst game of the year with 2 catches for 15 yards. It was truly dreadful to watch the offense play, sadly though it was even worse watching the other side of the ball.

The defense got FUCKED yesterday, no two ways around that. Drew Brees strengthened his MVP case with 363 yards and 4 TD’s in a game where he got off to a somewhat slow start. The RB duo of Ingram and Kamara dominated, with 103 total yards and 1 TD and 108 total yards and 1 TD respectively. If you remember before the season Kamara said the Saints would have “beat the shit” out of the Eagles in last years playoffs had they beat Minnesota, so you know he was really feeling himself after this one. Tre’Quan Smith, of all people, had 157 yards and 1 TD and Michael Thomas had 92 yards and 1 TD on 4 catches. The Eagles defense came into this game banged up enough, but we left this game even worse off. During this game Avonte Maddox, Sidney Jones, Rasul Douglas and Jorda Hicks ALL GOT HURT. At one point our secondary consisted of players like Cre’Von LeBlanc, Chandon Sullivan and Tre Sullivan. WHO THE FUCK ARE THOSE DUDES. We are stuck with 3rd stringers playing in our secondary at this point. So, yeah giving up 48 points sucked, but look at who was playing for us.

A lot of people got mad at the Saints for running up the score, playing their starters while up by 40 and going for a 4th and 7 late in the game (which turned into a TD.) But personally, I don’t care. I don’t think they’re cocky, they remind me of us last year. They just wanted to keep their foot on the gas and gain as much momentum as possible, it’s not their fault we are so bad, I don’t expect them to take their starters out, they don’t have to. It was a horrible week to be an Eagles fan, I’m just glad I was mentally prepared for it.

So what is next for the Eagles? We have games against the Giants, Cowboys, Redskins 2x, Texans and Rams. We can sweep the rest of division games; Giants are pretty bad, we usually spit with the Cowboys and the Redskins lost Alex Smith. It comes down to the Texans and Rams. I really don’t see us winning either game, especially not the Rams game. This team is so banged up it’s not even fair, so I can see the Texans taking a W against us and I imagine the Rams will do something similar to us to what the Saints did. The playoffs, while not likely, are not out of the picture yet, but who cares? Whoever comes out of the NFC East will lose round 1, WE ALL SUCK.

This year the Eagles just haven’t looked as hungry, Doug is missing whatever Reich and DeFilippo brought to the offense and Jim Schwartz has looked terrible and has lost half of his starters. There’s plenty of blame to go around, but the injuries this team has suffered is what buried us. No team could recover from the losses we have had. On offense, the line has been banged up all year, Mike Wallace out, Mack Hollins out, Jay Ajayi out, Darren Sproles out. On defense, besides the players I already mentioned we are also missing Timmy Jernigan, Derek Barnett, Jalen Mills, Ronald Darby and Rodney McLeod. It’s actually so crazy all you can do is laugh.

This year has been a HUGE disappointment yes, but all you can hope for is that the problems that are non-injury related will be solved. Hope the team will be hungry again next year or Doug’s playcalling will be good again. Howie is gonna have some roster construction to do this offseason and we are gonna have to knock it out of the park in the draft. I personally say we need to focus most on our secondary before anything else.

Like I said, playoffs isn’t out of the picture yet but we shall see what happens. After an amazing 2017 season, we have been humbled. I’ll leave you on a positive note: Jimmy Butler is a Philadelphia 76er.

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