Dez Bryant Agrees To 1-Year Deal With The Saints

Dez Bryant has finally found a new home. After working out with the Saints earlier this week, they agreed do the deal Wednesday and he will sign Thursday.

The 30 year old will be joining one of the league’s best offenses. Dez has had a couple rough years recently, but playing in this explosive offense with Drew Brees throwing him the ball could help him flourish. I believe Dez is still a good player, with Michael Thomas being the #1 option it may open things up for Bryant.

Overall I think this is a win-win signing. Dez gets to join a team that’s 7-1 and Super Bowl favorites with a loaded offense, and the Saints get to add a talented WR to that loaded offense.

The Saints play the Cowboys on November 29th and that will be an interesting game to watch, I’m sure Dez will be looking for revenge. A lot of people are wondering if Dez will be a locker room problem, but I honestly doubt it. He’s gonna be on a winning team, probably having success since he’s not the top option receiver and I’m sure the Saints made it a point to him to know his role. I think this will benefit both sides.

The Saints have been my Super Bowl favorites for a few weeks now and this doesn’t change that at all.

(Pics via: @BleacherReport & @ESPNNFL)

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