Sixers released tardy promotional schedule

The Sixers finally released their 2018-19 promotional games last. We can look at the what the Sixers will be giving out to fans this upcoming season.

We already got to see the opening night shirts they had for all fans that attended the first game against the Chicago Bulls. Personally, last years opening night shirts were better with the caricature of all the players and Brett Brown.

Last Saturday, fans received a schedule magnet as they walked into the Wells Fargo Center.

This year, we are seeing something different that the Sixers have barely done in the past; have discount nights on food.

Here are some key nights to look out for:

  • November 9th against Charlotte Hornets– first 5,000 fans will receive a rally towel.
  • November 21st against NOLA Pelicans– Sixers Social Night

*What I recall from last season are computer decals*

  • December 12th against Brooklyn Nets– Tastykake Night

* First 5,000 fans will receive mittens*

  • February 5th against the Toronto Raptors– Chinese New Year Night
  • February 21st against Miami Heat– Australian Heritage Night

* All fans will receive a shirt*

  • April 10th against Chicago Bulls– Fan appreciation night

* BOGO Lottery tickets for first 10,000 fans*

The last home game the Sixers usually have something different when fans leave after the game. Last season was a window decal of the “Unite or Die” playoff logo that a lot of fans commended.

Food Nights will be featured on the following dates

  • October 29th against the Atlanta Hawks- dollar hot dog night
  • November 1st against the Los Angeles Clippers– dollar pretzel night
  • November 13th against the Phoenix Suns – dollar popcorn night

Luckily, most of the Friday home games will be the Spirit of 76 night. Which questions if the team will bring back the cream uniform as well the court used for this promotion.

Don’t underestimate the G-League Affiliates, Delaware Blue Coats though. The Blue Coats are giving away a Joel Embiid bobble head to the first 10,000 fans that come to the game. After all , the tickets are low as $15 on the team website.

If you like to see the promotional schedule, you can find it here.

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