What the Underdawg’s have to say about the 2018-19 season for the Sixers

With Sixer’s basketball starting up again tonight, there’s a lot of hype coming into this new season where we could make a deep run into the Eastern Conference Playoff’s. This year will be different with most of the hype surrounding our young star, Markelle Fultz. I asked my fellow Underdawg’s on what their prediction is for Sixer’s record for this year.

Sean Zarzatian –  @SeanZarzatian– : 56-26

Vince “Top Dawg” Lobiondo –@VinceLoBiondo –: 59-23

*Note: This is would be the best Sixer’s season since 1982. *

Vince expects that “[Joel] Embiid will be top 5 MVP with an underrated chance to win.”

Pat Doyle- @PattyBombs: 55-27

A quote from Pat Doyle: “this team is over [Sixer’s] 2001 team in my opinion” as well as “see[ing] a significant improvement from Simmons.”

Erik Crichton –  @ErikCrichton– : 51-31

Phil Denelsbeck- @PMD24436– : 54- 28

According to  Phil, expects that “[Markelle] Fultz is the 5th contributor for the first half of the season and then steps up to the 3rd in the second.

Mike Johnston- @MikeJohnston11: 57-25

Mike believes that “Embiid plays about 65 games, become a top 5 in MVP voting after averaging 24 [points] and 12 [rebounds], Simmons [will average] like 15, 8, and 8 again. Fultz will be a finalist for NBA Most Improved Player.”

In my opinion, I believe that the Sixer’s is going to be a top 3 team while facing two dominate teams- Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics- that could derail they’re hopes of making it to the conference final or even The NBA Finals. Coming into this season, all our key pieces are healthy while former vets- Ersan Ilyasova and Marco Bellinelli- got traded to the Milwaukee Bucks and San Antonio Spurs. We’ll see how much of an impact they made in last year’s playoff team. As Markelle Fultz was the main topic of discussion this off-season, we’ve got a glimpse in the preseason seeing him stroke pull ups on the elbow; giving fans hope that his confidence is robust. Embiid and Simmons will both be potential All-Stars and MVP contenders this season. Our depth on the bench looks to be similar from last year. Fultz and J.J Redick will be splitting up the 5th starting spot for the Sixer’s. With that being said, J.J could become 6th man of the year if his numbers stay the same from last year. Adding Wichita State shooter, Landry Shamet, will definitely play a role for scoring off the bench. We’ll see what the progress is for rookie Zhaire Smith as he will make his debut around Christmas. Smith is currently getting the Sixers treatment by getting injured this early of his rookie tenure. The Philadelphia 76ers will sure have a great season, the communication and camaraderie is still the same from last year. Whereas, the Celtics need to adjust to Gordon Hayward coming back after his gore injury from last year’s season opener. My prediction for the Sixer’s record is going to be 56-26. Reason I say that is there’s going to be games that the Sixer’s shouldn’t lose (Suns and Magic). If they can fill the gap in their 4th quarter struggles, they can be a potential 58 to 60 win team. I look forward for this team playing this season as they hope to dominate the East after Lebron James left Cleveland to play for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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