Stadium Series Review #2: Wells Fargo Center

With the Philadelphia 76ers and Flyers coming back to South Philly to play this season, I felt the need to continue my segment of the Stadium Series Review.

It’s definitely easy to review the Wells Fargo Center. After going there multiple times to volunteer for the 76ers or to watch Drake perform “In my feelings” live, it’s easy to guess that I had quite an experience everytime I’m here.

The stadium itself is so accessible compared to any stadium I’ve visited. You could walk to the other side of the arena in 5 minutes while having concessions outside every other section. Also, you are in walking distance of two amazing stadiums, Citizens Bank Park and Lincoln Financial Field. If you really want to, you could go to a 1:35 pm Phillies game and jolly on over to Wells Fargo to catch a 7 pm Sixer’s game in April. For any 21+ year old’s you could enjoy yourself at Xfinity Live before or after any sporting event. Plus you could take a five-minute drive to Chickies and Pete’s on Packer Ave. Overall, if your a South Philly sports fan, you’ve chosen the right place to live. Even if you’re a local like myself, you could take the subway to save yourself at least $20 on overpriced parking lots.

The seating at Wells Fargo Center isn’t as bad as you would expect. Any 200 level (mezzanine level) comes with a nice view at a low cost. Recently, the Sixers preseason game cost $11 dollars for two tickets in section 222. During the season though it could range from $20-$60 pending who the 76ers/ Flyers play. Experiencing the premium suites is game-changing with the amounts of food and beer you’re provided. Over the summer, the arena started their $250 million three-phase renovations to give the arena a better look to it. The whole project will be done before 2021.

The food is your average stadium food unless your willing to spend $18 on crab fries and a water. My recommendation while looking for food is Lorenzo’s pizza; which is $8 that gives you that bang for your buck. They do have a Shake Shack on the main concourse, but it’s always busy before the game and during intermission.

With all the positive things the Wells Fargo has to offer, the only downside to it is the live performances that are held in the arena. The music being condensed in the Center, it makes yourself go deaf by intermission. Another thing about concerts at the Wells Fargo Center, it’s the fact you can’t get involved like the concert-goers are on the floor. If so, have fun falling a few rows. With that being said, you really can’t get a true concert experience unless you’re there to see Elton John or Phil Collins; a musician that plays calm music. At Wells Fargo, it seems rappers like Drake and Kendrick Lamar are better off playing in outdoor venues in order to have that concert atmosphere.

Overall, Wells Fargo Center always gets the job done. From seeing Ben Simmons throwing dimes to Embiid one night to Claude Giroux getting a hat trick the other, it’s never a bad time in South Philadelphia. The one thing I’ve never done at WFC is attending the annual Wing Bowl; which is every guy’s dream that happens annually on the Friday of the Super Bowl.


Here is my review on Wells Fargo Center

My Score on Wells Fargo Center: 8/10 

  1. My experience(s) – 9/10
  2. Stadium Architecture – 5/10
  3. Food – 5/10
  4. Fan engagement – 10/10
  5. Cleanliness of the stadium- 10/10
  6. Price of the ticket – 8/10
  7. Customer Service – 9/10

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