My Prediction for UFC 229: McGregor v. Nurmagomedov

Just a few days out from the biggest fight in UFC history, I thought I’d share my thoughts on UFC 229.

I have been extremely hyped for this fight since even before they announced it. I think anyone with a brain knew this fight was coming. The bus situation only made this fight more marketable. Dana White had to pretend to be disgusted by Conor’s actions but I would assume he was extremely happy. It drew so much more interest to Conor and Khabib fighting. It makes it more personal.

We already had one press conference, and it was entertaining as hell. Conor was more than likely wasted off his new Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey which he made sure everyone knew is indeed sponsored by the UFC. He even offered Khabib a glass of it, knowing that Khabib, a Muslim, does not drink. Conor clearly did his research on Khabib and his family and team. Bringing up a Russian millionaire who funded Khabib’s camp getting arrested for embezzlement, calling his father a coward and calling his manager Ali Abdelaziz a “terrorist snitch.” Click the link here to watch the first press conference. We have one more press conference tonight, which unlike the last one is open to the public, and then we finally get this long anticipated fight Saturday.

My prediction is: McGregor KO Inside 3 Rounds.

I believe that Conor’s training for his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather will help him. His hands are already some of the best in the UFC, but coming off a boxing match, they will be sharper than ever. Also I am sure he was working on his endurance a lot during the training for the Floyd match and has continued to work on that for this fight. Conor is more than capable of stuffing some take downs and I am sure he has made wrestling a focal point of his training camp to be ready for the possibility that the fight heads to the ground. That is a real possibilty and plenty of people think Khabib will get Conor down and just maul him, and it can defintely happen. Khabib is a beast wrestler but I just don’ think that’s how it’ll happen. The last thing Khabib will want to do is get overly excited and run right in for the takedown, because he will end up getting Conor’s dangerous left to the jaw. Jose Aldo got too excited and came right at Conor and we saw how that ended up for him. That very well could be the way this fight ends.

UFC fans have been waiting for this for so long and it is finally here. This fight is going to be great and I am so excited to watch it.

(Pic Via “The Irish Times”)

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