Earl Thomas Sends the Seahawks Sideline a Message

Yesterday, Earl Thomas was carted off the field against the Cardinals after suffering a lower leg fracture, which will probably end his season. As you can see by the picture above, he was not happy about it.

This offseason, Thomas held out for a new contract, but he never received it. He has not been practicing with the team but he has been playing in games, pretty well I must add. Last week against the Cowboys he had 2 amazing interceptions and he has been solid in all of the Seahawks games so far. But, last night most likely ended his season and maybe even his career. He suffered the same kind of injury in December 2016 and it ended his season. One thing I think we can all agree on is his time with the Seahawks in done, if he does come back next season it will not be for Seattle.

Now comes the question: was he right in holding out for more money? I don’t see how you can say no at this point. Football is a dangerous game and your career can end at any second, GET PAID. Earl is one of the best, if not the best, safeties in the league, he deserves the money he’s asking for. That’s why he is giving his own sideline the middle finger as he was carted off the field, because they wouldn’t pay him but he played anyway and ended up getting hurt. His teammate, captain of the defense, Bobby Wagner seems to agree with ET’s fight to get paid.

If he doesn’t come, then he’s not a team player. If he does come and gets hurt, then it’s ‘he shouldn’t have came.’ … If I was him, I’d be pissed off” – Bobby Wagner on Earl Thomas after Sunday’s game

ESPN posted a picture of this quote on their Instagram account and Le’Veon Bell had an interesting comment.bell Et.jpg

Seems like Bell will now use this as fuel to continue his holdout to get paid. He will continue to “be the bad guy” so that he can set the precedent of paying the players.

A lot of people think these players are selfish but I disagree, I am all about the players getting paid as much as they can, especially when they are players that are as important to their team as Earl and Le’Veon are.

Regardless of opinions, it will be interesting to see what unfolds with Earl Thomas, I hope to see the league’s best safety back next year. What uniform will he be wearing? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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