Eagles Loss to The Titans: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

After letting this HORRIBLE, DISGUSTING, ATROCIOUS loss sink in, I decided I was ready to let all my frustrations out. Jalen Mills, if you’re reading this, please don’t call me a fake fan.

I went into this game with pretty high hopes. The offense was improved with Carson back and Alshon was returning this week, and the defense was fresh off a solid game. But in the end the Eagles ended up blowing a 14 point lead in the second half and lost the game 26-23 in OT. Let’s break down the game in 3 sections: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The Good: Carson Wentz looked very good again. He was 33/50 for 348 yards and 2 TDs, a 56 yard pass to Jordan Matthews in the second quarter and a red zone TD to Alshon Jeffery to open the second half. Speaking of Alshon he was another positive in the game. His impact was immediately felt. He helped spread the field and racked up 105 yards and a TD. He had 2 catches (including his TD) where he straight up bullied Malcolm Butler. The Eagles are lucky to have him back, we desperately needed him. While on the subject of catching passes, Zach Ertz caught 10 today and racked up an impressive 112 yards in his best game of the year so far. He was getting open over the middle all game and racking up YAC. Jordan Matthews had a 56 yard TD in which he BURNT Malcolm Butler and that is definitely a positive. The run game was also solid today. Jay Ajayi, who’s playing with a damn fractured back, ran HARD today. He picked up 70 yards and Wendell Smallwood, who has really grown on me the last 3 weeks, had 54 total yards. Sidney Jones, even though he let up a TD, was also a positive and I hope to see him on the field more and more. The last positive is Malcolm Jenkins. The leader of the defense played like it today. The last drive in particular he was all over the field doing whatever he could to make sure the Eagles stopped the Titans, if only the rest of the defense was on the same page.

The Bad: Plenty of bad things to take away from this game, lets start on offense. The O-Line has not looked good the last few games. Today Carson was sacked 4 times, hit a bunch more and hurried on, what seemed like, every play. Lane Johnson in particular looked very suspect today. With Carson coming off a major injury, they need to pick it up and protect our franchise QB. They will be tested again next week against Minnesota. Nelson Agholor  had a pretty bad game and dropped 4 passes today, all of which were catchable balls. Hopefully we don’t see more of that next week. The offense as a whole got shut down in the 2nd half. We scored a TD on the first drive, and then nothing until a FG to tie it up at the very end of the 4th. Now to defense. Jim Schwartz, why must you line our receivers up 15 yards off? It’s time to stop doing that because IT ISN’T WORKING. Schwartz’s defense relies to heavily on the D-Line getting to the QB, when they don’t it’s usually a wide open pass for the other team. Not to mention the fact that we had rookie CB Avonte Maddox playing safety for a good amount of the game and guess what, according to him HE’S NEVER PLAYED SAFETY. Next up, Ronald Darby. It wasn’t all bad for Darby, he looked good at times, but too often he was getting burnt in coverage and not making tackles. The tackling is my main issue with him right now, he needs to stop playing soft and half-assing all his tackles. To end this section, the D-Line wasn’t really bad, but could be better and Doug made some questionable play-calls.

The Ugly: First off, the fact that we blew a 14 point lead in the second half. Next, Jalen Mills. Jalen, Jalen, Jalen, what are we gonna do with you? You were one of my favorite players last year and this year I’m starting to get sick to my stomach every time I see you run on to the field. You continuously get burnt down the field which makes absolutely no sense because like I said before, YOU ARE PLAYING 15 YARDS OFF. Going forward we need to see a lot less Jalen and a lot more Sidney Jones. Next, Corey Graham. In OT on one of the many 4th downs the Titans faced, which I will get to, he made one of the most asinine plays I have ever seen. 4th and 15 and all our DBs are lined up at the markers, Taywan Taylor is the only receiver to come to the side that Graham is on (he’s lined up on the outside) but for some reason Graham let’s Taylor get behind him and he caught a first down pass. Absolutely fucking ridiculous, excuse my language. Last, the fact that the Titans were faced with 4, not 1 but 4, fourth downs on their final drive and converted them all is mind-blowing. I have never seen or heard of anything like that, it literally made me want to throw up while watching the game.

This Eagles team has a lot to figure out. Yes, they are not fully healthy but who knows if they ever will be so that needs to stop being the excuse. Carson is looking good and Alshon coming back will continue to impact the offense in a positive way.  The O-Line needs to get it together. We need to figure out the DB situation, I would’ve said shoot an offer to Seattle for Earl Thomas but he got hurt tonight. So instead I say Sidney Jones should be playing every down outside, Darby as your #2 CB and Douglas/Maddox in the slot and try Jalen at safety. Do I think the seasons over and the Eagles are done?Absolutely not. They do have shit to figure out but they most certainly can do it. We have an extremely talented team on both sides of the ball, it will start clicking eventually and when we hit our stride we will be one of the best teams in the NFL. The Eagles will take on the Minnesota Vikings at home next week and hopefully they will have learned from this loss.

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