Philadelphius 41:33 “And On The 3rd Week, He Rose Again..”

Ladies and Gentleman of Philadelphia and Eagles Nation alike, we can all breathe a little easier. Carson James Wentz is back and hungry for another Super Bowl ring. In his first game back from an ACL/LCL injury (suffered in a Week 14 bout with the LA Rams), Wentz threw for 255 yards (25-for-37; 67.6 comp%) for one score and one interception. Some important things to note were Wentz being sacked 5 times in his debut, losing a fumble, and having some miscommunication/ overthrows with his receivers. However, these are nothing to be concerned about, as the flashes of MVP-candidate Wentz were still there with his ability to escape the pocket and avoid pass rushers and throw in tight windows.


Positives And Negatives

(+) As mentioned above, Carson definitely showed flashes of his old self, especially on his first series of the game (where he found rookie TE Dallas Goedert for a score). His natural athleticism on escaping the pocket was still there and was not hindered in the pocket, and he did not show signs of favoring his knee or anything. Definite positives there.

Image result for carson wentz nfl on the run



(-) Protection around the QB: In order for Wentz to remain productive and healthy, he needs to be protected by his O-Line. This is in no slight to the Eagles big men up front with Hall of Fame and All-Pro Talent all over, however 5 sacks in one game is not good. Nonetheless, this could just be attributed to Frank Reich (Eagles Offensive Coordinator of the past two years) having prior knowledge of their tendencies, blocking schemes, and how to attack them efficiently. Have complete faith in Peters, Wiz, Kelce, Brooks, and Lane to keep the franchise QB healthy.



Image result for carson wentz with o line


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