49ers Fear Garoppolo Has Torn ACL, Likely Out for Season

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo went down in Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs with an apparent knee injury, one that the 49ers reportedly believe to be an ACL tear. An MRI on Monday will confirm whether or not the ligament is in fact torn, but the footage of the injury is pretty telling. Non-contact knee injuries are never good, as Eagles fans know and as 49ers fans already know from injured running back Jerick McKinnon. Not only does this injury take away their young quarterback who was poised to do very well this year, but it also essentially takes the Niners out of the playoff race with both their starting quarterback and running back likely out for the season.

While the NFC West isn’t exactly the hardest division in football, it will still be very difficult for the 49ers to finish in first place as the Los Angeles Rams are arguably the best team in the NFL and do not show any signs of stopping their reign anytime soon. Any chance of a wildcard spot in the playoffs is likely off the table as well as both the NFC North and South contain prime candidates for those spots. There is a fairly good chance that two of the Packers, Vikings, or Bears will make the playoffs, and two of the Saints, Falcons, and Panthers as well. At this point in the season, I do not see the Niners being able to finish with a better record than any of those teams.

In a post-game interview, Coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters that backup quarterback C.J. Beathard will be the team’s guy moving forward as he is confident in Beathard’s ability to lead the 49ers. Beathard is a second year player who went 1-5 as the 49ers starter last season before the team acquired Garoppolo. With a relatively tough schedule that includes two games against the red-hot Rams and games against the Packers, Chargers, Broncos, and Bears, I do not expect the rest of this season to be bright for the 49ers and their fans.


Sean Zarzatian, Underdawg Sports Writer

Picture Courtesy of SFGate.com

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