The Cleveland Browns Win


It’s a weird feeling being so excited for a team that isn’t my own to win a Week 3 game. I am extremely happy for the city of Cleveland. The fans deserve it so much, they have stuck with and ben loyal to the team through all the BS over the years. They better be partying in the streets all night as if they just won the Super Bowl because they deserve this.

The game wasn’t going well for the Browns until rookie Baker Mayfield entered the game late in the second quarter with the Browns down 14-0. He brought a new energy to the team and they rode that energy to come back and take the game, outscoring the Jets 21-3 once he came in. Baker looked great, he was poised and slinging the ball. He went 17-23 for 201 yards and caught a 2-pt conversion on the Eagles famed “Philly Special”  play. He was making smart plays and just looked great out there. I look forward so seeing him start his first game next.

Carlos Hyde had himself a great day, his 28th birthday, the first Browns win and he put up 103 TOT yards and 2 TDs! Not to mention his first child is due tonight! Jarvis Landry also had a great game with 8 catches and 103 yards.

On the other side of the ball, rookie CB Denzel Ward had a nice game with 4 tackles and a forced fumble and recovery. Ward has been extremely solid this year so far, having 2 INTs on the year also.

Sam Darnold had 2 chances down by 4 to drive the field to win the game and threw an INT on each of those drives. Extremely rough for the rookie, hopefully he will bounce back from that.

The Browns are a solid kicker away from being undefeated, and that’s a fact. The Browns are back. Cleveland, get used to this feeling.

(Photo via @NFL)

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