NFL Week 3 Power Rankings

  1. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams were #2 on my list last week and they gave me no reason to not put them here at #1 this week. They played the Cardinals so they didn’t have a tough matchup Week 2, but they dominated and looked amazing on both sides of the ball. This week they will get a real challenge playing the other LA team, the Chargers.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

Last Week’s #5 definitely deserves this upgrade. Patrick Mahomes struck again with 326 yards, 6 TDs and no INTs. Mahomes now holds the record for most TD passes through the first 2 weeks of the season: 10. He will need another 5 this week against the 49ers to tie Peyton Manning’s record for most TD passes through the first 3 games of the season: 15. Travis Kelce, after being quiet Week 1, had 7 catches, 109 yards and 2 TDs. This offense is something out of a video game and they are HOT right now.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags weren’t in my top 5 after a 15-10 win over the Giants, but Week 2 they knocked off my previous #3 team, The New England Patriots, 31-20. The defense was great, Gronk was a non-factor having only 4 catches for 15 yards. The real story however, was Blake Bortles. Bortles had 377 yards, 4 TDs and 1 INT. His go to reciever, Keelan Cole, had 116 yards, 1 TD, and a “catch of the year” nominee with a one handed grab by the sideline. The Jags looked extremely good against one of the best teams in the league. This week they take on the Titans at home.

4. Minnesota Vikings

Yes, I know they tied the Packers last week. However, their  kicker, Daniel Carlson was 0/3 on FG attempts so that hurt them a lot. Kirk Cousins looked amazing with 35 completions, 425 yards and 4 TDs. Receivers Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs put up 131 and 128 respectively, with 1 TD for Thielen and 2 for Diggs. This week they have what should be an easy matchup at home against the Buffalo Bills.

5. Philadelphia Eagles

My former #1 team struggled against the super hot Bucs in Week 2. The defense specifically is what was disappointing.  DeSean Jackson broke for a 75 yard TD on the first play of the game, breaking Jalen Mills’ ankles on the way. That set the tone for the rest of the game. The secondary was bad all day and the offense, while not horrible, couldn’t fight all the way back. The only reason the Eagles are top 5 is because of their Week 3 matchup at home against the Colts, which is a good bounce-back opportunity for the team, and Carson Wentz is returning which will bring new life to this Eagles offense

6. New England Patriots

Last Week the Pats fell to the Jags behind Blake Bortles amazing perfomance. Tom Brady put up 234 yards and 2 TDs but it wasnt enough. Brady and Chris Hogan (2 TD catches) carried the offense while Gronk (4 catches, 15 yards) struggled. The Jags D had a great day and so did Bortles, plus it was a revenge game for the AFC championship, this game meant a lot to them and they played like it. If there’s anything I’ve learned about the Patriots, it’s to never give up on them. Just as easily as they fell on this list, they can rise back up. Yesterday they traded a conditional 5th round pick to Cleveland for WR Josh Gordon. As long as he can stay out of trouble this is a steal for the Pats and Gordon will be a great weapon for Brady. This week they will head to Detroit to play the struggling Lions.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I know it seems redundant to have the Bucs 2 spots below a team they beat in Week 2, but hear me out. Yes, the Bucs are extremely hot right now, but the player carrying them right now is the exact player that worries me, Ryan Fitzpatrick. Throughout his career, Fitzpatrick has shown how inconsistent he is and that very well can happen again. Until then though, the dude is killing it. FItzmagic put up 402 yards, 4 TDs and 1 INT against a top NFL defense. The Bucs WR core is one of the best in the league with Evans, Jackson and Godwin. They have another good opponent coming to town this week, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

8. Green Bay Packers

As long as Aaron Rodgers is playing QB for the Packers you can never count them out. Last week against the divisional rival Vikings, Rodgers had 281 yards and 1 TD. The whole team looked pretty good but they still ended up tying the Vikings. The Packers could have easily won this game though. In the 4th Quarter on the Vikings drive which ended in a game tying TD/2-pt conversion, Kirk Cousins threw and INT but it was called back after roughing the passer on Clay Matthews. It was one of the worst RTP calls I have ever seen, and had it not been called Green Bay would have won. Not to mention Mason Crosby missing a game-winning FG. This week they will hit the road to play the Redskins.

9. Los Angeles Chargers

After falling to the Chiefs Week 1, the Chargers bounced back against the Bills. Phillip Rivers looked great and had 256 yards and 3 TDs. Melvin Gordon had 30 TOT yards and 3 TOT TDs and Mike Williams caught his first career TD. The Chargers defense has some things to work on, and their Week 2 matchup against the Bills was favorable, but I think they Chargers are a solid team. This week they have a real tough matchup against the Rams.

10. Atlanta FalconsFullSizeRender-11.jpg

After a rough Week 1 against the Eagles, the Falcons bounced back with a big W at home against the Panthers. Matt Ryan put the team on his back and was 23/28 and posted 272 yards, 2 passing TDs and 2 rushing TDs. RB Devonta Freeman is day to day right now and did not play Sunday, but Tevin Coleman filled in with 107 yards. Rookie WR Calvin Ridley had a nice game, 64 yards and 1 TD. Julio Jones also had 64 yards. If the Falcons can avoid struggling in the red zone like they have in the past they are still an extremely dangerous team in the NFC. This week they have another division game at home against the Saints who have been underwhelming the first 2 weeks.

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