Underdawg Fantasy Week 1 Wrap UP

It was an action-packed first week in the NFL as well as in the Underdawg Fantasy League. After week one Pat Doyle (@pattybombs) leads the league after his team put up an impressive 134 points. The other teams that won this week were Hyde The Henny (@pmd24436), Taco Corp (@mikejohnston11), Port Richmond Globetrotters (@jakestribune), and Springsteen Sucks Eggs (@Cashman414). The team that did not look so hot on Sunday was Top Dawg (@VinceLobiondo) who only scored 57 points. It is still very early in the season and anything can happen but it seems that some teams have some work to do on the trade block and waiver wire. One player that I would target on waivers this week would be Phillip Dorsett, who has seemed to fill the number 2 WR slot in NE. If your team is looking for a flex 2 or an RB 2 I would target Austin Ekeler, while he does back up Melvin Gordon, he is one of the best change- of- pace backs in the league and Gordon is injury prone so Ekeler would be one of the better handcuffs to own.  Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 11.20.39 AM

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