What to Take Away From the Eagle’s Week 1 Win


It wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win.

Last night the Eagles narrowly defeated the Atlanta Falcons by a score of 18-12 after 5 consecutive end zone shots to one of the best receivers to ever play football. Sound familiar?

It should sound familiar, because the ending to this game was literally a mirror image of what happened when we last played the Falcons in the second round of last year’s playoffs. Nick Foles threw for around 200 yards with no TDs… also just like that game. We saw a relatively poor performance by the offense (except Jay Ajayi, who ran for 62 yards and 2 TDS) and a defense who stepped up multiple times to win us the game. What can we take away from all this?

  1. Our defense is back… and possibly better. Jordan Hicks has returned and is instantly making his presence felt, with 7 combined tackles and 1.5 sacks. Ronald Darby had some solid plays on Julio Jones, who is pretty much unstoppable to most of the leagues corners. The defense held up against the falcons in the red zone multiple times to force turnovers/field goals.
  2. Alshon Jeffery is severely missed in our receiving core. It seemed like the only guys who could get open last night were Nelson Agholor in the slot and Ertz at TE. Mike Wallace couldn’t get open and honestly we shouldn’t be surprised. He’s an older receiver and he’s not gonna thrive when he’s the only WR threat to a solid pass defense. Without Alshon, he’s gonna be locked up for the most part.
  3. Nick Foles is… still Nick Foles. He is what he is. He isn’t going to turn an injured receiving core into anything earth shattering. Like many QBs, he’s just as good as the team you put around him. Without Alshon freeing up other passing options, he’s not really gonna have many guys to throw to. But as long as he keeps his cool and doesn’t turn the ball over, he can win us games until Carson and Alshon returns.

All in all, a win is a win. Especially against a playoff caliber team like the Falcons. Should we be ripping on the Eagles for struggling without Wentz and Alshon? I don’t think so. The fact that we could pull out a win in this situation reminds me of last year’s team, the one who ended up winning the Super Bowl. It’s gonna be a long year, and these guys are going to continue to scrape out wins against good teams just like they did last night.

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