Bud Light Unveils “Philly Philly” Statue

On August 30th, Bud Light tweeted out a video telling Eagles fans that they had “one last surprise” for us and that it was coming to Lincoln Financial Field September 5th.


Yesterday was that day, and it was a great one. As many people predicted after watching the video,  Bud Light unveiled a statue of Doug Pederson and Nick Foles the moment they called the play Philly special. Engraved on the bottom of the statue are the now famous words, “You want Philly Philly?” Absolutely amazing.

My thoughts on this statue? I absolutely frickin’ love it. How could you not? Its a beautiful statue, Bud Light did a great job on it, and it truly is one of the greatest moments in Philadelphia sports history. It makes it even cooler that I got to witness the actual moment, take that in Philly. We got to witness what might be the greatest moment in our city’s sporting history, definitely one of the best if not the best. As if I needed to get any more fired up for the season, this did that for me. I will be attending the Week 10 game against the Dallas Cowboys and I can not wait to see this beauty in person.

The statue was not the only thing unveiled yesterday. The Eagles also released their hype-up video for the upcoming season. Rapper Black Thought from The Roots did the narration and it was extremely good. I don’t have too much to say other than it’s great and it most certainly will hype you up for the season, which as we all know kicks off tonight. Between the statue and that video, I don’t know how much more hyped up I can get. When they drop that Super Bowl banner tonight I might just explode.

(Pic via @BudLight Twitter)

(Videos via @BudLight, @TheMightyEROCK &  @Eagles all on Twitter)

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