The Top 5 Pitchers in the MLB

1. Chris Sale

W/L: 12-4

ERA: 1.97

WAR: 6.4

WHIP: 0.849

Strikeouts: 219

As the league leader in WHIP, Hits per 9 Innings, Strikeouts per 9 Innings, and ranking second in ERA, Chris Sale is, in my opinion, the best pitcher in the MLB. Sale makes the red-hot Red Sox a very dangerous contender for the championship this season. With his lights-out pitching every outing and the explosive offense of the Sox, Boston will be very hard to beat in October.


2. Max Scherzer

W/L: 16-6

ERA: 2.13

WAR: 8.8

WHIP: 0.886

Strikeouts: 244

Caught in an extremely tight Cy Young race with Jacob DeGrom, the three-time award winner Max Scherzer has a tough road ahead if he plans to win his fourth this year. With the most innings pitched, most strikeouts, most games started, most wins, second in WHIP, and second in WAR for pitchers, Scherzer is by far one of the most dominant pitchers in the league and one of the best pitchers the league has ever seen.


3. Jacob DeGrom

W/L: 8-8

ERA: 1.71

WAR: 7.6

WHIP: 0.971

Strikeouts: 214

With the best ERA in the MLB and third-best WAR for pitchers, Jacob DeGrom is an ace. His 1.71 ERA is an impressive .26 lower than Chris Sale’s, which may not seem like much but in reality is a large difference. The only real issue with DeGrom and his Cy Young résumé is his win total, with only 8 wins on the year and 8 losses. This can be somewhat forgiven, though, as the New York Mets are not what we would call a competent organization.


4. Aaron Nola

W/L: 15-3

ERA: 2.13

WAR: 8.86

WHIP: 0.970

Strikeouts: 169

As a Philadelphia Phillies fan, Aaron Nola has been a treat to watch this year. Our ace has been dominant this season, as he ranks first in WAR for pitchers, first in win-loss percentage, fourth in ERA, and fifth in WHIP. Nola ranks right up with Scherzer and DeGrom as one of the best pitchers in the National League and a real contender for the Cy Young honor. The only grievance someone could have about Nola’s résumé is his lack of strikeouts compared to some of his elite peers, but keep in mind that 169 strikeouts at this point in the season is still impressive.


5. Blake Snell

W/L: 15-5

ERA: 2.07

WAR: 5.3

WHIP: 1.007

Strikeouts: 160

Last on this list is Blake Snell of the Tampa Bay Rays. Ranking third in ERA, fourth in wins, and third in WHIP, Snell has been a force to be reckon with this year on the mound. Snell is having possibly the best pitching season in Rays history and is, in my opinion, one of the best pitchers in the American League, as he is up there with Chris Sale, Corey Kluber, and Trevor Bauer.


Sean Zarzatian, Underdawg Sports Writer

Picture Courtesy of Sports Ilustrated

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