What’s The Next Step for These NFL Second-Stringers?

So we’ve come to the point of the NFL Preseason that rosters are beginning to take shape whether it’s the rising stars out of complete nowhere, or the disappointing faces in new places. In this article, we are going to highlight a few second-stringers that can be starting-caliber on different squads.


If you are genuinely concerned about the reigning Super Bowl MVP’s preseason performance, follow these simple, safe instructions. Step 1: Place your feet about shoulder-width apart (this is very important). Step 2: Squeeze as hard as possible until you hear a pop. Voila! Your head has successfully been taken out of your ass.

All jokes aside, the Nick Foles un-hype train has been somewhat ridiculous. Big Balls Doug is just giving us a vanilla offense and we know exactly what Foles is capable of (especially when utilized correctly). The only thing is, the Philadelphia Eagles need to be 100% sure that franchise quarterback Carson Wentz is good to go before they can get rid of him.

Best Fit: Literally anywhere that needs a QB and can run an RPO successfully.


At this point in time, the New York Jets have three starting Quarterbacks on their roster. Teddy being the one lighting it up in preseason and showing everyone that he is a starter in this league after missing time from back to back injuries with the Minnesota Vikings. Bridgewater’s ability to make plays with his feet and his decent accuracy would be beneficial for any NFL squad in need of a signal-caller.

Best Fit: Denver Broncos, Jacksonsville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers



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