Ben Simmons Says the Celtics are the Top Team in the East

In an interview with James McKern, Ben Simmons said that the C’s are the team to beat in the East. Even though this is pretty much common sense at this point, I’m sure its a take that’s going to trigger Raptor’s and even Sixer’s fans.

The Celtic’s proved that they were the best team in the East when they took the Cavs to 7 games without Kyrie Irving or Gordon Hayward. With those guys back and Brad Stevens as the head coach, its clear that the Celtics are number one until further notice. That being said, the addition of a healthy Kawhi to the Raptors or a better Markelle Fultz to the Sixers could change that. The Raptors were the 1 seed last year and have only gotten better. The Sixers were at number 3 and will only get better. But if you’re looking at last years playoffs and coaching expertise you’ve got to give it to Boston.

I don’t think anyone should take slight to Ben’s comments about the Celtics, I think its a pretty obvious fact. But it’s still an unknown with the addition of Kawhi to the Raptors and the fact that Markelle Fultz could very well be a star. Only time will tell how the East ends up this season, but right now the Celtics are most certainly on top.

-Pat Doyle

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