The New Underdogs of the Bay Area

After witnessing the Philadelphia Eagles become underdogs back in February, now we are seeing a new team no one ever expect to have the same mentality in the MLB- The Oakland A’s. The A’s started off the season as a team that could be an easy knockout in the AL Wildcard game but now looked at as a team to win their division.

The Oakland A’s have gone 23-8 since July 10th when they last played while being 10 games back of the reigning World Series Champions, the Houston Astros. After beating the Astros 7-1 on Saturday in Oakland, the A’s finally get to be in first place for the first time in the 2018 season. This year’s A’s team have been the best roster after averaging 91 losses a season in a three-year span.

The A’s won’t win the division as easily with Houston Astros and Seattle Mariners that are neck to neck in the standings. In addition, there are 39 more games of baseball that have to be played as well. They have to keep grinding it out until the postseason begins in October.

Although the A’s finally have their -Astros- monkey off their back at the moment, they disregard taking time and evaluate on whose stands where in the standings. A’s Manager Bob Melvin told the media staff that they don’t have anything to chase but having the attitude of “[being] one game better than [they] were yesterday.”

This is a testament to start looking precisely at the A’s rather leaving the focus on the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees in the American League

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