Can the Eagles Repeat?

We won the Super Bowl. We had our parade. We still are bragging about it. But it is about to be a new season and perhaps a new champion.

Going to back to back Super Bowls is extremely impressive. But WINNING back to back Super Bowls is a historic feat, as only 7 teams in NFL history have accomplished this. We all would like to think that back to back championships is very possible for this group, but how realistic is it?

I’d say right now that the Eagles probably have the best odds of winning the Super Bowl next year. The team is better with guys coming back from injuries and the signing of Michael Bennett and Mike Wallace. However, there still are some questions to be answered.

How well will Carson Wentz come back from his torn ACL? The answer to that seems to be he’ll be fine. His recovery has seemed to be miraculous thus far with reports that he’s now throwing the ball better than ever. His mobility will be less present but with an offense as all around as the Eagles, I don’t think he’ll have to take the ball himself too often.

How will guys like Jason Peters and Alshon Jeffery come back from their respective injuries? Only time will tell. Peters is old but he is still one of the best linemen in the league. Even if he struggles with his injury this year our line has proven they can hold up without him. As for Alshon Jeffery I’d say he is almost essential for the Eagles to make a serious run this year. He played through his injury last year and nobody even noticed he was hurt. That could either mean he’ll be fine regardless, or he’ll be worse from not treating it immediately. Our receiving core is solid without him, but he is the #1 WR as of right now, and we’ll really need him.

I’d say that personally I think the Eagles are still the best all around team in football with top players on all sides of the field and a coach who’s proven he can make calls that win games. It’s mostly going to come down to the performances of other teams who’ve made significant acquisitions like the Vikings and the Rams. I don’t think any AFC team can beat those 3 teams, but you can never count out the Patriots or the defense of the Jaguars. It’s gonna be a fun year, and the birds don’t give us many reasons to think they’ll be slowing down.

– Pat Doyle

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