Sixers’ Stars in the Offseason

It’s officially the point in the NBA offseason where nothing note-worthy is going on and the focus shifts to NFL preseason and the MLB playoff race.

Everyone knows how the young 76ers squad has to improve. Markelle Fultz, the #1 draft pick two drafts ago, apparently forgot how to shoot. Mental blocks have plagued him. Ben Simmons, rookie of the year, needs to develop a 10+ foot jumpshot to become the elite player everyone around the league knows he can be. Joel Embiid has slowly become one of, if not the best center in the NBA. So what are our “little dudes” doing this offseason?

(Insert Hate Here)

Markelle has been working on his jumper and his explosiveness with Drew Hanlen.

Ben’s been in the gym with other NBA stars like Dante Exum, his fellow Australian, and he’s been getting bigger and stronger, hitting the weights harder than ever. He’s also been spotted hanging out with his super model girlfriend, Kendall Jenner.

Joel’s offseason has been a little different. The star center has been seen playing on ball courts around Philly, posterizing small white men. He’s in Cameroon playing soccer with impoverished kids. Joel has been taking on the Carson Wentz role for the Sixers, using his fame and money to help people in need.

This is a pivotal offseason for the Sixers’ big three. If all the changes they needed to make were made, they should have an easy ride to the Eastern Conference Finals to play an enormously talented Boston Celtics team.

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