Carson Wentz Injury Update

When Carson Wentz went down with a torn ACL against the Rams last season, Philadelphia fans were shaking in their boots. An ACL tear is a very scary injury for any pro athlete, let alone your star qb. Its an injury that isn’t very forgiving and not everyone can bounce back from it. But the word at Eagles training camp has been very exciting, with Doug Pederson reporting that Carson is not only on pace to make a comeback, but he’s throwing the ball with more velocity and accuracy than he ever has in his career.

We all know Carson has about as good a chance of coming back from this as anyone. A huge amount of videos of his workouts were posted on Twitter and it was clear that he was doing everything he could. But the fact that he’s throwing even harder and with more accuracy is a very good sign.

All the news I’ve seen from training camp seems to point in one direction: that Carson is going to come back pretty strong. He seems like he’s doing everything right in his rehab and his coaches have been raving about him. If he comes back and is even half the QB he was last year, the Eagles will be very good. They’ve proven last year that this is a resilient team that doesn’t give up when guys go down or hit slumps. I’m excited to see how Carson plays after his season ending injury.

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