Preview of HBO’s Hard Knocks: Cleveland Browns

In all reality, being selected for this years edition of Hard Knocks is the most interesting thing to happen to this Cleveland Browns team in a very long time. However, to be fair, I think Josh Gordon dishing out 200-yard receiving games and earning a Pro Bowl nod while being Cheech and Chong’s more athletic brother, deserves some recognition.



The Skinny

Essentially we are looking at a team that has struggled mightily over the past couple decades, with hopes of salvation in the cocky, brass-balled Baker Mayfield out of Oklahoma whom the team selected with the 1st-overall pick.  The team has made many positive moves in order to erase the damage of a 1-31 record of the past two seasons. In this upcoming installment, we will witness the progression of several new additions to the team including: former Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor, former Dolphins star Jarvis “Juice” Landry, star RB Carlos Hyde, the aforementioned QB Mayfield, and a few other notable acquisitions. This season we will get a personal look on how Hue Jackson develops and coaches such a lackluster team, with newly acquired firepower in the fold.

Biggest Storylines 

Can Hue Jackson turn it around?hue-jackson-baker-mayfield

Since taking the Browns gig two years back, Jackson has struggled mightily and at this point looks like a “battery-less dildo”. He looks like a dick. You expect him to do dick things. But instead, sheer disappointment. Contrarily enough, the newly acquired pieces may just provide the extra spark needed to right the ship.

Will Josh Gordon return to form? 

Is the Pope Catholic? Are Frogs waterproof? You’re goddamn right Flash Gordon is back and ready than ever. Dude looks fucking yolked. However, will he stay off the weeeeeeed? With the additions of Hyde and Landry, along with blue-chip TE David Njoku, Flash will have plenty of opportunities to succeed with defensive attention given elsewhere, being that he stays clean.

Is Baker Mayfield the guy, or just another Manziel?

We’ve all heard the comparisons. Mayfield and Manziel. Manziel and Mayfield. Both arrogant, cocky assholes with a bullshit attitude coming out of college. Possibly in this installment we will see what makes Baker “tick”, his relationship with Hue and the other QB’s, and whether or not he has that heavily coveted “it” factor.


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