NFL 2018 Top 5 Position Predictions: Wide Receiver

  1. Antonio BrownAB.jpg

2017 Stats– GP: 14 , Yards: 1,533 , TD: 9 , Rec: 101 , Catch%: 62.0%

It seems like every year recently AB holds the top spots on lists like this. He is extremely consistent, he is always a factor in every game and is most definitely the best receiver in the league. Last year he had another solid year, but that’s no surprise. Brown is without a doubt one of the best receivers we have seen in the league in a while. Being a part of the very talented Steelers offense definitely benefits Antonio. With Big Ben still playing good and Le’Veon Bell there to take some of the attention off AB, I think he is in for another great year.

2. Julio Jonesjulio.jpg

2017 Stats– GP: 16 , Yards: 1,444 , TD: 3 , Rec: 88 , Catch%: 59.5%

Julio is probably the most physically gifted receiver in the league, he could easily be labeled the best receiver in the league if he was more consistent. Jones is a nightmare when it comes to 1-on-1 coverage because he is huge and can really climb to get the ball. His problem, like I said, is that he will have a game where he absolutely dominates and then next game he will be a non-factor. If he fixed that problem he could be #1, but Julio is so good that even with his inconsistency he is still at #2 on this list, and many others. Next season Alabama rookie Calvin Ridley will be on the other side of Jones and that should help take some defensive attention off Julio, so I see him having a very good season.

3. Odell Beckham Jr.odell.jpg

2017 Stats– GP: 4 , Yards: 302 , TD: 3 , Rec: 25 , Catch%: 61.0%

Last season was disappointing for Odell as he missed most of the season due to an ankle injury sustained week 5 against the Chargers.  Other than that, Odell has consistently been one of the best in the game. He might be the best overall athlete in not only football, but the whole world right now. He became the 2nd WR ever to record 1,300 yards and 10 TD receptions in the first 3 seasons of a career, the first to do this was Randy Moss. Odell is already on his way to being one of the greatest WRs ever. If you compare his first 3 seasons to that of Jerry Rice, OBJ has more yards and only 5 less TD’s. There seems to be drama surrounding his name a lot, but that takes nothing away from how great he is. With Saquon Barkley taking some defensive attention this year, I see Odell having one of his best seasons.

4. DeAndre Hopkinshopkins.jpg

2017 Stats– GP: 15 , Yards: 1,378 , TD: 13 , Rec: 96 , Catch%: 55.2%

DeAndre Hopkins cemented himself among the best WRs in the league last year. It seems like every year Hopkins has a catch of the year candidate, he makes some absurd catches. Hopkins really enjoyed some amazing QB play from Clemson rookie Deshaun Watson, until Watson went down with a torn ACL in early November. The two seemed to click right away and next year hopefully they will get to play more games together because it will definitely benefit them both. Will Fuller has also been steadily improving, making him and Hopkins a solid WR duo. With the emergence of Watson and Fuller, I expect another good year from Hopkins.

5. Michael Thomasthomas

2017 Stats– GP: 16 , Yards: 1,245 , TD: 5 , Rec: 104 , Catch%: 69.8%

In only two years Michael Thomas has been amazing, and truly deserves this top 5 spot. When he was drafted the Saints needed help at WR and Thomas provided that and much more. He is now Drew Brees’ favorite target. Playing with Drew Brees is also great considering he is one of the best QBs in the league. Michael Thomas will only continue to get better, and I see him improving next season.

Honorable Mentions

  • Keenan Allen
  • Mike Evans
  • AJ Green
  • Davante Adams

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