Why the Eagles Will Have the Best Record in Football Next Season

We are approximately one month away from the best time of the year: football season. After celebrating the Philadelphia Eagles’ first Super Bowl victory which seemed like just yesterday, we are approaching the time for the Birds to defend their title. As both an Eagles fan and a fan of winning, I have predicted the outcome of each game in the Eagles’ 2018-19 season, and fully expect them to have the best record in football this season. Hopefully my predictions come true and this team continues the success they enjoyed last time around.


WEEK 1 — WIN (1-0)

Thursday, 9/6 at 8:20 PM EDT

Atlanta Falcons

The 2018-19 NFL season opens up with the reigning Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles competing against the Atlanta Falcons, a team that the Eagles beat in their NFC divisional round game 15-10. This game will be a hard-fought battle, as the Falcons’ high-powered offense, lead by MVP quarterback Matt Ryan, will go toe-to-toe with the Eagles’ elite defense. I expect an outcome similar to the divisional game, with a low-scoring win by the Eagles at the Linc.


WEEK 2 — WIN (2-0)

Sunday, 9/16 at 1:00 PM EDT

AT Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Next up on the schedule for the Eagles is the Buccaneers, a team that struggled with a record of 5-11 last season. Although the Bucs are in arguably the toughest division in football which could contribute to their lack of success last season, their team still lacks star power as their quarterback Jameis Winston has disappointed throughout his short time in the NFL. To make matters even worse for the Bucs, Winston will serve a three-game suspension for his latest incident of misconduct, so he will not be available for play for this game. I expect the Eagles to dominate this game both offensively and defensively and come out with a relatively easy win.


WEEK 3 — WIN (3-0)

Sunday, 9/23 at 1:00 PM EDT

Indianapolis Colts

Assuming their injury-ridden star QB Andrew Luck is healthy enough to start this game, the Colts may put up a fight as their team works to regain its success they had when Luck was healthy a few seasons ago. I still expect the Eagles to come out on top, however, as the game will be played at Lincoln Financial, but I would not be surprised if the game is closer than many expect it to be.


WEEK 4  — WIN (4-0)

Sunday, 9/30 at 1:00 PM EDT

AT Tennessee Titans

I wholeheartedly expect the Eagles to start the season on a hot streak, as they face two solid but beatable teams and two mediocre squads in their first four games. Ending their season 9-7, the Titans will look to attain another playoff berth after being beaten by the Patriots in the divisional round last season. This game will be hard-fought, as it is away against a solid offense featuring Marcus Mariota and Derrick Henry and a defense led by safety Kevin Byard. After watching the Eagles handle teams with similar offensive power as the Titans last season, however, I have faith that we should have relatively no problem with this Tennessee squad.


WEEK 5 — WIN (5-0)

Sunday, 10/7 at 4:25 PM EDT

Minnesota Vikings

Arguably the most important game on the Eagles’ schedule this season, this game will be a rematch of the 2018 NFC Championship. While this Vikings team made some moves this offseason, as they acquired QB Kirk Cousins, I believe the Eagles come out on top in this one. In case anyone may have forgotten, the Eagles dominated the Vikings 38-7 in that game to take us to the Super Bowl. On October 7th when the two teams line up against each other again at Lincoln Financial, I fully expect the Eagles to repeat that success.


WEEK 6— WIN (6-0)

Thursday, 10/11 at 8:20 PM EDT
AT New York Giants

Although the Giants did not have an ideal season last year, as the team went a pathetic 3-13, I expect this game to be tough, as most of our NFC East matchups tend to be. With the Giants acquiring Penn State star running back Saquon Barkley in the draft this offseason, he will undoubtedly be pivotal in the Giants’ attempt to dethrone the Eagles at MetLife Stadium. Regardless, I do expect the Eagles to leave the Meadowlands with a win during their Thursday night special.


WEEK 7— WIN (7-0)

Sunday, 10/21 at 1:00 PM EDT
Carolina Panthers

This is where the Eagles’ schedule starts to get hectic. This is a game against a team that we always seem to struggle against, especially since we barely escaped the Panthers’ claws last season in a nailbiter. If my predictions for this season are correct, and I am hoping they are, then at this point the Eagles will be on a hot streak and should be able to inch past Cam Newton and his crew, similarly to last season.


WEEK 8— WIN (8-0)

Sunday, 10/28 at 9:30 AM EDT
AT Jacksonville Jaguars

One week before the bye, in London, against the top defense in the league, the Eagles are going to be tired. This will be as hard-fought of a battle as they have experienced all season. I am predicting a win this game, but quite frankly we could be blown out. In a different country against a team that I imagine will be on a roll at this point in the season as well, this game will not be easy.



At this point in the season, if the Eagles truly are 8-0 I will be impressed but not surprised. We have, in my opinion, the most talented team in the league and we are capable of beating any organization in the league. The only problem that arises, especially in football, is that any team can win any given Sunday. This Eagles team, however, is fully capable of starting and keeping long winning streaks, as we all witnessed last season. I hope the Birds can start out strong so they can afford to take a few losses as they approach the brutal tail end of their season.


WEEK 10— WIN (9-0)

Sunday, 11/11 at 8:20 PM EST
Dallas Cowboys

Games against Dallas are never easy. Even when the Cowboys are having a bad season, which they often tend to do, games against them can never seem to be cut and dry. With this game at home, however, I believe the Eagles can pull out yet another win here, taking their record to 9-0. The Cowboys are simply no match for our defense or our home crowd.


WEEK 11—LOSS (9-1)

Sunday, 11/18 at 1:00 PM EST
AT New Orleans Saints

As great as it would feel for the Eagles to make their way into the Superdome and take home a win, I just do not expect that to happen this late into the season. While it is definitely possible for the Eagles to grab a win here, the Saints explosive offense and equally powerful defense may prove to be too much for our boys in New Orleans. Let’s just hope Drew Brees’ age catches up to him before this game or else we are in for tough battle.


WEEK 12—WIN (10-1)

Sunday, 11/25 at 1:00 PM EST
New York Giants

The Giants again, but this time the Birds are at home. Although this is another one of those tricky NFC East matchups, I fully expect a classic beating of our division rival in a blowout. After a possible tough loss to the Saints, this win could provide the Eagles with some much-needed confidence going into the final games of the season.


WEEK 13—WIN (11-1)

Monday, 12/3 at 8:15 PM EST
Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins simply do not scare me. Should they? Probably not. Even though this is a back-to-back division rival game, we are at home once again and I expect once again another good blowout. With newly-acquired Alex Smith at the helm, the Eagles could possibly run into some trouble, but I do not see this Redskins defense holding the Birds’ high-powered offense in this one.


WEEK 14—LOSS (11-2)

Sunday, 12/9 at 4:25 PM EST
AT Dallas Cowboys

We hate to see it, but it happens. Away in Dallas, late in the season, we’ve been there. The Eagles have a tendency to drop games they should win and win games that they maybe shouldn’t have, and that is what I expect to happen here. No Eagles fan ever wants to see a loss to the Cowboys, but if we truly have 11 wins at this point in this season, then I think I could live with a loss here.


WEEK 15—LOSS (11-3)

Sunday, 12/16 at 8:20 PM EST
AT Los Angeles Rams

I think most Eagles fans can agree that they are dreading this game. Playing an NFC team that many believe are in position to make a run at a championship this season on their own turf will not be easy. Also at this point in this season we have no idea what our team will look like in regards to injuries, so this game is really a toss-up. While I do think we are capable of beating this Rams team at their own place, I would not be surprised at a loss here for the Birds.


WEEK 16—WIN (12-3)

Sunday, 12/23 at 1:00 PM EST
Houston Texans

This game will be interesting because at this point in the season it will be clear whether or not Texans QB Deshaun Watson is the real deal or not (I believe he is). I expect the Texans to have a very strong season this year and would not be surprised if we lost this game to a powerful duo of Watson and superstar DE J.J. Watt, assuming both are healthy. I do predict once again, however, that the Eagles take this one at home, as that seems to be what they are good at.


WEEK 17—WIN (13-3)

Sunday, 12/30 at 1:00 PM EST
AT Washington Redskins

Last game of the season, in D.C., most likely fighting for seeding in the playoffs, I expect the Eagles to come out as hungry as ever this game. After seeing how important that first week bye is in the playoffs last season, I would imagine if the Eagles are doing this well by Week 17 that Coach Pederson will stress how important it is to end the season with a win in order to try to recreate the success of last postseason. I predict the Eagles to finish the season with a record of 13-3, exactly like last season. With an arguably more talented squad than last year, I see no reason why the Birds cannot repeat their regular season success once again.


As for playoff predictions, I of course predict the Eagles to win the Super Bowl once again, yet I can completely understand if they do not. The NFC has gotten increasingly tougher throughout the past few years, making what the Eagles did last season even more incredible. After suffering through many seasons of loss as an Eagles fan, I am predicting a great season by the Birds but unfortunately am also ready to accept another losing season, as that is just how it goes here in Philadelphia most of the time. Regardless of how this season goes, I am extremely proud of this team and will continue to support them for many years to come.


Sean Zarzatian, Underdawg Sports Writer

Image Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

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