Phils may not be done adding to roster: How do August Trades Work?

Written By: Séamus Doyle. Twitter: @saintseamus

The July 31st non-waiver trade deadline is over, but that doesn’t mean the Phillies are done acquiring players.

Before the 4pm non-waiver deadline on July 31st, the Phillies made moves to obtain Asdrubal Cabrera, Wilson Ramos and Aaron Loup to improve their roster. Some non-realistic fans were disappointed Matt Klentak didn’t acquire big names like Machado or starters like Happ. Here’s the thing: the 2018 Phillies are way ahead of schedule. It makes little sense to mortgage the future for two months of Manny Machado or J.A. Happ when their window is just starting to open, not close. In other words, the Phillies aren’t desperate to go on a last chance World Series or bust run.

August is a funny month in the game of baseball regarding trades. There are special rules as to how a player can be dealt. In August, teams can place players on revocable waivers. (Revocable is a key term here meaning if a player is claimed he can be pulled back and kept by the team that placed him on waivers.) When that happens, the player can be claimed by any team. For example, say Odubel Herrera is placed on revocable waivers this month. He would almost certainly be claimed by another team immediately. The Phillies would have three options:

1. Work out a trade with the claiming team

2. Send Herrera and his contract to the claiming team for nothing

3. Revoke the claim and keep him in Philly.

If a player is claimed by multiple teams, the player will go to the team with the worst record in the league out of the teams that claimed him.

Players who go unclaimed on waivers for 47 hours can be traded to any team in baseball with zero limitations. In other words, it’s like it was pre July 31st.

Some notable August acquisitions for the Phillies were Matt Stairs and Scott Eyre. Both key pieces to the 2008 World Championship roster down the stretch.

Keep your eyes out for August trades: Phillies may not be done quite yet.

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Feature Image Source: USA TODAY SPORTS

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