Stadium Series Review #1 : Marlins Park

While taking my leisure to South Beach this past weekend, I had to seize the opportunity to visit the high-end stadium, Marlins Park. Despite their team record, the stadium is worth a visit.

My experience during the Marlins vs. Nationals game this past Saturday was enjoyable. Not only they had a walk-off win was awesome thanks to All-Star catcher, JT Realmuto, the organization knows how to fans they have by providing cool giveaways and get the crowd going with little attendance they receive.

The giveaways the Marlins offered before the game are I attended was Marlin’s pullover and a W.B Mason truck that I didn’t feel like packing into my bag. If you were in attendance the past week, they gave away Pitbull bobbleheads and Columbian themed jerseys. I saw in August, they are giving out DJ Khaled bobbleheads on a first come first serve basis. But once you walk into the gates of the stadium, the event staff member gave you a free 2018 Marlins program to see Derek Jeter’s as the new face of the new organization. What I thought was neat is that you can keep score and stats of the game you’re watching the game. In addition, If you ever get the chance to attend a Sunday game, you can be one of 75 people to meet a player on the team once the gate opens for the game.

The layout of the stadium was ludicrous if you’re on 95 South, it looked huge on the outside but once I got to my section -(211/212)- it looked like I could grab a solid 4 foul balls. I had a chance to get one but I was a section off during the first inning. The stadium itself gives it a more a modern architecture while celebrating it’s past with the Orange Bowl and the 1997 and 2003 World Series victories. They have a whole wall dedicated to the famous Orange Bowl since that was the original location before building Marlins Park. If your walking outside of the park, you can see the orange letters sticking out of the ground to acknowledge that the Orange Bowl was played here for 71 years.

During the game, I took the time to walk around the concourse and the ballpark definitely has two side attractions that you can do in between innings. The first one was the bobblehead museum, where you can see every team display their bobbleheads. My favorite bobblehead was the Steve Bartman trying to catch a foul ball! The other side-attraction that I thought was neat was the miniature dugout where you can go take an Instagram worthy picture.

Over in center field, they have a tropical sculpture that’s filled with gaudy colors and tropical animals. Believe it or not, some players do not like it especially former Marlin’s Icon, Giancarlo Stanton stated that “all it does is suggest that this place is a circus, and we’re the main attraction.” In my opinion, I think it fits perfectly in the stadium with the vibe it gives.

The food at Marlins Park is just as any ballpark food you’ve had. For some concessions, they indeed do have some Cuban eateries around the ballpark which I thought was different. I did, of course, got my go-to ice cream in a helmet that cost $7 that I enjoyed.

Although Derek Jeter is still getting ridiculed for trading away their best players – Stanton, Christian Yelich, Dee Gordan, and Marcel Ozuna- for a building farm system; I believe that Marlins Park is an awesome stadium and definitely worth a visit if your ever in town. Lastly, I like the fact that Jeter is trying to bring the Hispanic communities more involved with the Miami Marlins with the theme nights they provide.

Here is my review on Marlins Park

My Score on Marlins Park: 8.3/10 

  1. My experience – 9/10
  2. Stadium Architecture – 9/10
  3. Food – 7/10
  4. Fan engagement – 10/10
  5. Cleanliness of the stadium- 10/10
  6. Price of the ticket – 4/10
  7. Customer Service – 9/10



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