Phillies Split Series Against Boston

The Phillies have had a rocky past few games. Losing 3/4 to an underperforming Reds team and then losing an extra inning game to the best team in baseball because of a base-running blunder are all things that surely can kill a positive attitude. But that’s not what happened to this Phils team.

Going into tonight’s game, I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the Phillies. Jake Arrieta is a very talented pitcher, but he has gotten tossed around a bit this year. You know he has potential to have a great start every time he’s on the hill, even against a lineup as good as Boston. But you are never sure.

Arrieta certainly delivered tonight, giving up just 1 run in 7 innings. Our biggest weak point throughout the season has been our bullpen, but our relievers seem to be getting their act together. In game 1 against Boston, they took this team into the 13th inning before they eventually cracked and gave up a singular run. That really isn’t bad, they gave our offense the chances they needed to win. They’ve continued to look sharp tonight as well, coming in for Arrieta and not letting up a single run.

The offense looked good, almost everyone was getting on base and getting involved in the action. Roman Quinn had an exceptional game, with 3 hits and some nice plays in the outfield. Hoskins has looked very good, walking twice and getting a hit. He seems like he’s in control whenever he’s at the plate. Maikel Franco has continued his hot streak, going 2/3 with 2 walks. The only real concern I can see in the lineup is Kingery, who just has not been very productive lately. He looks lost at the plate sometimes. Thankfully, the other guys were able to rack up some hits and give Jake Arrieta the run support they didn’t give Nola the night before.

Beating a team like the Red Sox is very nice. It shows that we can walk into the #1 team in the league’s home field and make them work. I think this is a team that can make the playoffs and compete with good teams. If they can get their act together running the bases and on the defensive end, we very well could have a nice push into a Red October

Patrick Doyle

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