New Helmet Rule

NFL refs gave a presentation to the Philadelphia Eagles this week regarding the new helmet rule being put in place this upcoming season. Under this new rule, a player will be fined and potentially EJECTED for lowering his head to make contact with his own helmet against an opponent. Many Eagles players were dumbfounded as they were shown clips of now illegal hits, many of which seemed like routine tackles. With this new rule, ANY contact between the aggressor’s helmet and another player will be grounds for penalty and/or ejection.

Quarterbacks like Tom Brady who use the QB Sneak often will no longer be able to use it. Defensive linemen will have a hard time not using their helmets. The monstrous Malcolm Jenkins hit that sent Brandin Cooks out of the Super Bowl will now be illegal. Jenkins himself said after practice on Sunday, “10 times out of 10 I’m making that play. If it’s a flag, it’s a flag. You can’t slow yourself down thinking about rules in a split second.”

Coach Doug Pederson said he and his players will work on using methods that don’t fall under the new rule. However, many players, coaches and media members around the league believe this rule will change the game of Football as we know it.

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