NFL 2018 Top 5 Position Predictions: QuarterBack

  1. Aaron RodgersRodgers.jpg

2017 Stats- GP: 7 , Yards: 1,801 , TD: 16 , Comp%: 64.7 , INT: 6

Last year was sad for Packers fans once Aaron went down with a broken collarbone week 6 against the Vikings. I am expecting a great comeback year, even though he lost his go-to guy, Jordy Nelson, Davante Adams has taken a huge step forward and the Packers acquired Jimmy Graham this offseason, so Rodgers will still have some weapons and I expect a fantastic year.

2. Tom BradyBrady.jpg

2017 Stats- GP: 16 , Yards: 4,605 , TD: 32 , Comp%: 66.3 , INT: 8

Last year’s MVP had himself quite a season, but it’s what we’ve come to expect from the man considered by many to be the GOAT. He won MVP and took the Patriots to another Super Bowl where, even though it wasn’t enough to get the win, he put up some unbelievable numbers; 505 yards, 3 TDs and 0 INTs. Time is winding down on Brady’s career but I expect another great season from Tom.

3. Russell WilsonWilson.jpg

2017 Stats- GP: 16 , Yards: 4,569 , TD: 37 , Comp% 61.3 , INT: 11

Last year Russ led the league in TD passes and was responsible for 86% of the Seahawks’ total offensive output. He has a very sub par offensive weapons to work with and one of the worst O-lines in the league, yet he still had himself a great year. I’m expecting Russ to continue to carry his team at a high level this year.

4. Carson WentzWentz.jpg

2017 Stats- GP: 13 , Yards: 3,296 , TD: 33 , Comp%: 60.2 , INT: 7

Last year was Wentz’s huge breakout year, crazy that it was only his sophomore season. He was the favorite to win MVP before he tore his ACL week 14 against the Rams. After he tore his ACL he stayed in the game for 3 more plays and threw a pivotal TD to Alshon Jeffrey. Wentz might not have played in the playoffs, but without him the Eagles miracle season wouldn’t have been possible. Carson has been thriving in Doug Pederson’s system and he has plenty of weapons at WR and RB so I expect  another great year, hopefully injury free.

5. Drew Breesbrees.jpg

2017 Stats- GP: 16 , Yards: 4,334 , TD: 23 , Comp%: 72% , INT: 8

Brees had another great year last year, taking the Saints to the NFC Semi-Final game where they fell to the Vikings. Brees is great just about every year and with the emergence of Michael Thomas as a top WR and Alvin Kamara as a threat in both the rushing and passing game, I believe Drew is due for another great season.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Jared Goff
  • Jimmy Garoppolo
  • Matt Ryan
  • Deshaun Watson

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