Kawhi Leonard Traded To Toronto; DeRozan To San Antonio

Kawhi Leonard has finally been traded. He will be heading to Toronto in exchange for a package that includes DeMar DeRozan.

Last season was full of drama for Leonard, as he sat out for all but 9 games. The Spurs doctors cleared him, but his personal doctors did not. He was criticized left and right, people said he just didn’t want to play. Kawhi didn’t really come out to defend himself though because that’s just not what he does, he stayed silent and let everyone else do the talking.

On the other hand we have DeRozan. I am very interested to see him play under Pop in San Antonio. He’s a top three shooting guard in the league already and Pop will only make him better. I am very shocked by this move for Toronto, after the firing of Dwane Casey after the Raptors collapsed in the playoffs again, I was expecting them to blow the team up.

Hopefully Toronto will leave a lasting impression on Kawhi because he only has one year left on his contract and has made it crystal clear he wants to go to LA. It will be very interesting to watch two of the leagues best players play on their new squads next year

(Pictures via: @ESPN & @BleacherReport)

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