Chase Utley Retirement at the End of the Season

It’s a sad day in baseball today as Chase Utley announces he will retire at the end of the 2018 season. While he hasn’t been producing as much as he’d like to due to injury and old age, Utley is still one of the most hardworking and dedicated athletes. Chase recognized that “it is a difficult decision, but it’s one that [he is] comfortable with,” and that he “can go into the last chapter of [his] baseball career with enthusiasm, excitement, but most of all a clear mind.” This last minute mid-season press conference is textbook Chase Utley. He would much rather focus on the season at hand rather than have the reporters dwelling on this being his last season. Chase concluded the conference by saying, “In 15 years, I haven’t been late for a [team] meeting. Today’s not going to be the first day.”
Utley is a borderline Hall of Famer with a career .276 BA, 1880 H, 409 2B, 259 HRs, 1025 RBIs and 8th All-Time in HBP with 201. He spent a majority of his 16-year career with the Philadelphia Phillies slugging his way to 6 All Star appearances, 4 Silver Sluggers, and of course a World Series Championship in 2008 (WFC!). While Utley was a menace at the plate he also was a very solid defender playing along side Jimmy Rollins for 11 years and turning over 850 career double plays. No one in Philadelphia will ever forget his pump fake throw to first base and throw to home to catch Jason Bartlett at the plate in the World Series.
Chase Utley was the modern day “Charlie Hustle”. Utley played the game like it was supposed to be played, and that made him a role model for every young kid across the nation as well as Rob McElhenney from “Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. He will surely be missed in the MLB. Chase Utley you truly are THE MAN!


Written by: Jack Cashman


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