LeBron Mural in LA Painted Over

After LeBron James was signed to the Lakers, one fan decided to welcome The King to the team by painting a beautiful mural of him on the side of a building. Sadly, some fans didn’t appreciate this as much as others.

I would assume this is the work of Kobe fans who just can’t get over the fact the LeBron is better than Kobe. It’s pretty disgraceful that people take the time out of their day to ruin someone’s hard work because they’re that insecure about their favorite player. And they completely disrespected the best player in the world who chose to play for their team.

Had LeBron come to Philly this would have never happened. There would have been a mural on him in ever neighborhood from North to South Philly. People would flock to these murals every day to pay their respects to The King. We would never disrespect the GOAT the way that those LA fans did.

Sadly, the mural was defaced one too many times and the artist, after painting over the vandalism once, decided to cover the whole thing up. Truly sad.

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