The Golden State Warriors Sweep the Cleveland Cavaliers, become back-to-back NBA Champions

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1st Quarter: Cleveland started out the game with terrible shot selection. Stephen Curry hit a circus-like 3, continuing the Warriors momentum. Klay Thompson recieved 2 fouls in 5 minutes. Golden State was on absolute fire from beyond the arc. 34-25 Warriors to end the first.

2nd Quarter: Klay picked up a rough 3rd foul with 7:30 left in the 3rd. Sharp-shooter Kyle Korver missed a free throw for Cleveland. You have to be aware its going bad for Cleveland when Korver misses from the line, although it was only 38-37 Warriors at this point. Cleveland came back from 11 to take the lead with 7:05 left in the 2nd. Back and fourth quarter after this point. McGee blocks JR Smith’s 3 pointer, which was a huge momentum boost to end the quarter, again. To top it off Stephen Curry drilled a deep three to give him 20 at the half. 61-52 Warriors.

3rd quarters: It became blatantly obvious the Cavs we’re outclasses and outplayed. The game was frustrating to watch at this point. Clevelands offense looked as complex as a JV high school team thanks to Tyron Lue. The scheme was embarrassingly simple and I could come up with a better offensive scheme. Warriors 86- Cavs 65.

4th Quarter: More of the same. Warriors completely outclassed the Cavs. The Cavaliers gave up, and with that the Golden State Warriors complete the sweep, and become NBA Champions.


The Snake Kevin Durant wins his second Finals MVP in a row, and the Warriors officially become a dynasty. The main storyline, however, is “Where will the GOAT end up next season?”

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors.


Written by: Jake Gratzinger

Twitter: @JakeGratz20

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