Warriors Win On The Road, Take 3-0 Series Lead

First off, what a game. To me, this was pretty much a must-win game for the Cavs and sadly, they couldn’t pull it off.

This game was similar to game 1 of this series, neither team really took a big lead really at any point, other than the Cavs holding a 10-12 point lead for a little while early on. It was a relatively close game throughout.

The real story of the game was Kevin Durant. Durant scored 43 points, had 7 assists, 13 rebounds and shot 65% from the field (66% from three.) He joined MJ, Shaq and LeBron as the only players since 1985 to post 40+ points, 10+ rebounds and 5+ assists in a Finals game. Durant showed the world tonight why he’s considered one of the greatest scorers of all time, he also essentially sealed the W for the Dubs. With around 40 seconds left in the game the Warriors were up 3 with the ball and (much like last year’s Finals game 3) KD hit a DEEP three-point dagger sealing the 110-102 victory.

Another big takeaway from the game was the splash brothers, or lack thereof. In my eyes, Steph was on his way to picking up this year’s Finals MVP after his very impressive first 2 games, but he basically threw that away tonight. He finished the first half with 2 points and ended up with only 11 points, shooting 3/16 from the field and 1/10 from three. Steph redeemed himself somewhat by hitting his only three of the game to put the Warriors up by 3 with around a minute left. Klay was pretty quiet the entire night, his presence was not felt at all. He finished with 10 points.

The Cavs played a good game tonight, more teammates got involved. Kevin Love posted 20 points and 13 boards, JR Smith had 13 points and Rodney Hood (who made his Finals debut tonight) posted 15 points and shot 63%. Tyron Lue finally came to his senses and gave Jordan Clarkson exactly what he deserves, 0 minutes. LeBron once again dominated, but who didn’t see that coming? The King put up 33 points, 10 rebound and 11 assists. With this game tonight LeBron has passed Michael Jordan for the most 30 point playoff games in NBA History. He also picked up his 10th Finals triple double, the most of all time. Theres not much to say for the Cavs other than this was a heartbreaker.

The next game is on Friday and the Warriors will be looking to complete the sweep. Like I said earlier, I believe this was a must-win for the Cavs so even if they win game 4 (which I don’t believe will happen) I don’t believe they will be able to climb back. All I know is I better not hear anyone blaming LeBron for this, he is doing all he can. The Warriors are arguably greatest team ever assembled and the Cavs are, well let’s just say they’re not the best. We will see if the Warriors bring the brooms out, or if the Cavs will live to fight another day.

(Picture via @NBA)

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