Warriors crush Cavs 122-103, Take a 2-0 Series Lead

After a very close game 1 which went to OT, we got a different outcome in game 2. Last night we got a game that summed up what everyone thought was gonna happen the whole series, the Warriors crushing the Cavs.

Coming into the game there were questions about whether Klay would start and if he did, would he play to his normal level. Well, the answer to both of those questions was yes, as Klay posted 20 points. However, Andre Iguodala did not play once again.

Something humorous worth mentioning was interactions between Oracle Arena and JR Smith. First, he was given a standing ovation during the intros, and then he was given “MVP” chants when he went to the line in the first quarter. After what he did in that first game, it makes sense why Oracle is showing him so much love.

Throughout the whole game the Warriors defense was amazing and the Cavs was the opposite. The Warriors offense also started the game on fire as they went 7/7 through the first 5 minutes and KD was shooting 100% up until midway through the 2nd quarter. The MVP of the night was undoubtedly Steph Curry, he posted 33, 7 and 8. Steph out-rebounded Tristian Thompson and was the highest scorer of the game. He hit 9 threes, he now holds the record for most threes hit in a Finals game.

LeBron James once again did everything he could, he finished with 29, 9 and 13. James accomplished this even with that bad eye, which looks horrible by the way. In the first half, the Cavs only made three field goals made that weren’t made by or assisted by LeBron. His teammates once again were shaky. Throughout the first half George Hill( 15 points) was the only other Cav playing good, in the second half it was Kevin Love. K Love finished with 22 points and 10 boards. Tristian scored 11 points which isn’t bad, but as I said earlier, he was out-rebounded by Curry. I would like to dedicate this next sentence to talk about how horrible Jordan Clarkson is. He finished with 2 points on 1-4 shooting, in game 1 he had 4 points on 2-9 shooting. The dude is straight up garbage and I don’t understand why he’s getting a single minute at this point. The Cavs starters didn’t play horrible (besides JR), but the Warriors were on a mission tonight, and it showed. The Cavs had their chance to steal a game in Oracle in game 1 but they blew it, largely due to the refs and JR Smith forgetting the score. However, their OT performance was horrible so that’s the main reason.

Next game is a must win for the Cavs. I except to see LeBron in his bag, because if not, this series is as good as over. I would really love to see the refs get it together also. I hate falling back on the refs excuse, but anyone watching this series can see that the officiating is horrible. Hopefully, the Cavs can pull it together and make this a series.

(Picture via Bleacher Report)

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