Meeting the Super Bowl 52 Champions




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After the Philadelphia Eagles winning the Super Bowl that we Philadelphians will never stop talking about, meeting the Super Bowl Champs, Jason Kelce and Corey Clement, made it even better. I met the two players at the annual St. Padre Pio festival that’s held in South Philadelphia every May. Luckily for me, I was second inline along with my friend from SouthWest Philadelphia, Justin Kelly, to meet the Super Bowl Champs. I’ll get in detail for each player and the small talk we had.

Saturday Night: Corey Clement

I  was hype to see Corey Clement because not only he had an amazing rookie season, but he actually lives about 30 minutes away from Philadelphia in Glassboro, New Jersey. Before I got to met Clement, a friend of mine from my summer job, told me he actually grew up with him and went to high school together. So I knew what to say and not sound like I’m starstruck like every girl was back in 2008 with Justin Beiber and say “Oh my God, I’m your biggest fan.” Like who gives a damn how much you admire them, they here that every time there out in public.

This was the short dialogue I had with Corey Clement

Clement- “What’s up man”

Me- “Yo whats up man, how you doing, you boys with [so and so] from Glassboro”

Clement- “I’m doing good, and yeah I do.”

*takes two pictures*

Clement- “Is he still in Glassboro?”

Me-“yeah he’s still there”

Clement- “tell my man that I said what’s up”

Me- “alright I gotchu”

The dialogue felt like I was Vinny Chase from Entourage, just how the conversation was so personal compared to anyone another fan waiting in line. He gave me one of those bro-handshakes that showed he was so chill and felt like I was one of his boys. Not only he was chill, but he showed love on my Instagram post as well.

Sunday Evening: Jason Kelce AKA the best speech giver in Philadelphia sports history

Unfortunately, I forgot to wear my “No one Likes Us, We Don’t Care” t-shirt once I realized during my Uber ride to South Philly… and I didn’t know anyone who knew him personally like I did with Corey Clement. Besides one of my friends, Patrick Cavalieri, told me that his great Dane is big as him.

My friend and I waited again for an hour and a half to be second in line again. Before meeting Jason Kelce, we decided to befriend with the blue-collar dudes that only eat, sleep, and piss Philly sports; telling us all the stories at the memories they had at Veteran Stadium and The Spectrum before they both imploded back in the early 2000’s. Before I get into our short and sweet conversation, let me tell you this. Jason Kelce looks like a beast on the outside, but as nice as a teddy bear on the inside.

Here’s my dialogue between me and Jason Kelce

Me- “Yo whats up man”

Jason Kelce – “Hey how you doing”

Me- “Good, man”

Jason Kelce- “Temple man I like it”

Me- “Thanks man”

*picture was taken*

Me- “Thanks for the Super Bowl!”

Jason Kelce- “Ah no problem”

Despite the conversation wasn’t as personal to the one I had with Corey Clement, Kelce was a cool guy. He was so chill and talking to the families that he got a picture with; especially the South Philly mom’s that had homemade mummers hats and signs that said, “Lane Johnson needs to lay off the juice.” It comes to a conclusion that after meeting Kelce and Clement, I can confirm that Eagles players are just chill dudes that could play some football.

Written by Jake Hall

Photo credit: BroadStreet Media, LLC

Twitter: @jacobhall321

Instagram: @jake18hall

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