NBA Draft Profile: Luka Doncic

Luka Doncic, the 19-year old European phenomenon. Luka plays for Real Madrid and he is nothing short of amazing. Crazy to think this dude is my age.

As a 19-year old in the EuroLeague, Luka averaged 14.5 PPG, 4.6 APG, 5.2 RPG and shot 46% from the field. His numbers don’t exactly jump out on you, but trust me, this kid is special. A lot of people have downplayed his success because he plays in Europe, which to me is foolish because he is playing in the second best basketball league in the world and dominating as a teenager against grown men, many of which could be playing on an NBA team. And in this league in the past year Luka won EruoLeague MVP, won the EuroLeague Championship and won EuroLeague Final 4 MVP, becoming the youngest player to ever win the award.

After watching lots of film on Doncic I put together some of his positives and negatives


  • Shooting – He has a very solid jumpshot. Good at spotting up, pulling up and stepping back.
  • Finishing – He is very crafty around the rim and he finds a way to get the ball in the net. He has a very solid floater and is good at making contested layups.
  • Court Vision– He is a solid passer and is great at creating opportunities for others.
  • Rebounding – Grabs boards on both sides, always crashing the glass on offense.
  • Handles – Very good at shaking defenders and getting separation with his handles. Also possess exceptional footwork
  • Solid Athleticism – He could improve in some areas but overall he is good and I’m sure he’ll continue to improve, especially when he comes over to the NBA.


  • Defense – His lateral movement leaves a lot to be desired making it easy to get by him. Weak in the post. Slow to close out. And overall lacks discipline at times.
  • Shot Selection – Takes wild and contested shots often. At times he dribbles too much and holds the ball too long just to end up putting up a low percentage shot.
  • Quickness – This is what I was talking about when I said he could be a better athlete. Would help him on both sides of the court to improve his quickness.

Overall, Luka Doncic has a lot of potential and I think he is going to be a great player. As of right now it’s unclear where he’s going to get drafted. According to some reports the Kings and Hawks may pass on him. It will be very interesting to see where he ends up, and I’m sure it’s gonna be somewhere in the top 5. I’m hopping on his bandwagon now and think he’s going to be a stud. Only time will tell.

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