Three Teams Introduce New Uniforms

 The Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins have released new uniforms for the 2018 season. The Dolphins change wasn’t nearly as drastic as the Titans or Jags, but it’s a change nonetheless. In this article, we’ll dive into the new threads.



 Ah, the most interesting uniform change of the three. At least to me. When they were first released, I really wasn’t a fan. One thing I always loved about the Titans growing up were their uniforms. They were so unique, but so clean. The colors just flowed together so well. So, when I heard last year that they would make a change, I was pretty upset.

 However, now that I’ve been able to review them for a few weeks, my mind is really changing on them. One thing I originally didn’t dig was the two toned gray on the shoulders of the jersey. But after reading up on it, it’s supposed to symbolize a sword. I mean, they are the Titans after all. That’s a very neat touch and you can also find it on the stripe of their helmet.

 Speaking of the helmet, it is certainly the most drastic change. From white to navy blue. This is one part of the overhaul that I’ve been a fan of from the second I laid my eyes on it. The “T” logo looks much better on a dark helmet and I really appreciate the sword/stripe starting from the back of the helmet instead of the two stripes beginning at the front on the old helmet.

 Although, I am not a fan of the new number font, the overall change is a good one. The Titans can mix and match between light blue jerseys and pants, dark blue jerseys and pants and white jerseys and pants.



 Sacksonville is going with more classical look and I really like that idea. I always felt the previous uniforms were doing too much. They were all over the place. This is much simpler and will look better on Sundays.

 I’m glad they dropped the gold from their color scheme. It never worked and they easily had the worst color rush uniforms. I never want to see those mustard unis again. With that said, we will no longer have to look at that weird, two toned helmet anymore. A shiny black helmet with a Jaguar logo is all they ever needed.

 My only issue with these threads is the detail on the numbers. C’mon, Jags, I get you want a classic look, but you at least have to outline the numbers. Other than that, these are cool. They can mix and match between white jerseys and pants, black jerseys and pants and teal jerseys and pants.



 The Dolphins didn’t make a huge change, but it’s one they needed to do. They finally dropped the navy blue from their color scheme and darkened the orange a bit. A casual football fan won’t even recognize this next year, but a uniform fanatic like myself will. Well done, Miami.


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